single-axis joystick / Hall effect / multi-axis / 2-axis
SJ300 Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co. Ltd.



  • Technology:

    single-axis, Hall effect, multi-axis, 2-axis, potentiometer


Product Features
1.Building block design
2.Single biaxial friction positioning, the median self-locking
3.Sterling silver contact, ensure the service life of the product
4.The electric current can reach 380V10A, reliable performance
5.Mechanical life is more than 5 million times
SJ300 series industrial control rod is mainly used for AC 50 HZ, 60 HZ, voltage 380V and the control circuit of the DC voltage 220 V, Control lifting machine transportation agency and electrical control equipment of motor starting, speed regulation and directional control and brake. This product is mainly used in sea port, wharf, coal mine, or in the open air operations.