miter saw / band / for steel / for beams
CE 350Hx950W GS4240H Zhejiang Weiye Sawing Machine Co., Ltd



  • Technology:

    miter, band

  • Treated material:

    for steel

  • Applications:

    for beams

  • Other characteristics:

    with roller conveyor, variable-speed, with hydraulic vise, high-performance, CE, swivel, double-column, horizontal, semi-automatic

  • Round piece diameter:

    Min.: 0 mm

    Max.: 400 mm


Ideal for cutting sections of various materials
Manually swiveling the saw frame around the base enables mitering cutting section materials from 45 to 90 degrees.
A. Optimized machine structure: large dual columns, hydraulic cylinder connected, finely ground with hardened surface. The cross link on top adds to great structural strength. Inclined saw frame design suits section steel cutting.
B. Carbide guides for the saw blade with longer service life.
C. Adopts worm gear reducer, stable performance.
D. Variable speed adjusted by the belt pulley, optional inverter. The blade speed provided with 3 -step speed, changed by the changing location of the V belt in the belt pulley.
E .Hydraulic workpiece clamping with precision and stability
F .Manually blade tensioning, optional hydraulically
G. Manually swiveling of the saw frame clockwise enables mitering from 0 to 45 degree for various materials.
H.Safety protection device: auto-stop of the machine while the belt pulley is open, blade stalled or breakage detection unit

Inverter, chip removal auger, hydraulic wire brush
roller conveyor(Motorized or Idle)
Hydraulic blade tensioner
top vice

Model GS4240H
90° ●400 ■350×950
45° ●350 ■300×550
Blade Speed(m/min) 25.40.65
Blade Size(mm) 41×1.3 x 6360
Main Motor 5KW
Hydraulic Motor 1.5KW
Coolant Motor 90W
Blade Tensioning Manually
Floor Space(LxWxH)(mm): 3200×2500×2100