band sawing machine / for metals / profile / for bars
WY300HA Zhejiang Weiye Sawing Machine Co., Ltd



  • Technology:


  • Treated material:

    for metals

  • Applications:

    profile, for bars, for pipes

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, double-column, hydraulic, with hydraulic vise, PLC-controlled

  • Round piece diameter:

    Min.: 20 mm


    Max.: 300 mm


Carbide pads and roller bearings for blade guides to lengthen the service life of blade

Hydraulic indexing by 400mm each time, repeatable feeding available.

Adopts linear scale for indexing, heigh precision.

Hydraulic fixture, relief valve enables variable clamping pressure.

Hydraulic cutting speed adjustment, variable speed by the belt pulley.

Adopts PLC, HMI, console to ensure fully automatic cutting process

Two choices for automatic mode, single cycleand continuous cycle, easy access.Shift from either automatic mode to manual mode, and vice versa

Manual band tension.

wire brush and chip auger for chip removal with high efficiency.

Safety protection device:cover check device, Band check device


Roller conveyor

gear reducer


hydraulic band tensioner

Type: WY300HA
Capacity(mm): ●300 ■300H×300W (mm)
Blade Speed(m/min): (m/min)
Blade Size(mm): 34×1.1×4115
Main drive: 4 (kw)