ceramic insulating blanket

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ceramic insulating blanket ceramic insulating blanket - NAB , NMB


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ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Alumina Blankets Type NAB & Type NMB are mechanically-needled blankets made from shot-free, high-purity polycrystalline alumina fiber (PCW). These blankets contain no organic sizings and can be applied to numerous applications with continuous temperatures as high as 1600°C (2912°F).
These high-performance blankets exhibit light weight, low thermal conductivity, low thermal mass and immunity to thermal shock. NAB’s high-alpha alumina and NMB’s mullite fiber composition give both blankets good strength and high-temperature dimensional stability in applications with elevated temperatures and aggressive chemical environments.
NAB is most suitable in applications where SiO2 cannot be tolerated and where the most chemically-stable blanket is needed.
NMB has good strength and can be cut into die-cut parts, incorporated into stack-bonded fiber modules or used in full roll lengths.