alumina-silica fiber / for thermal insulation



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    for thermal insulation


ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Alumina Bulk Fibers are high-purity sol-gel-derived polycrystalline Alumina fibers (PCW). These fibers exhibit useful properties in thermal insulation and advanced material applications with temperatures as high as 1825°C (3317°F).
A minor addition of silica is made to the fiber, modifying its microcrystalline structure and acting as a grain growth inhibitor. In addition, their high-alpha Al₂O₃ content contributes toward their superior dimensional stability and extreme chemical inertness. ALBF exhibits light weight, low thermal conductivity, low thermal mass and immunity to thermal shock
Three grades of Alumina Bulk Fibers are available, making them useful in a multitude of demanding applications.
Type ALBF is the long, bulk form of this fiber.
Type ALBF-1 has been shortened and is suitable for vacuum-forming into medium-density shapes.
Type ALBF-2 is the shortest standard variety and is suitable for incorporation into high-density vacuum-formed products and for reinforcement of ceramic matrix composites.

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