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ZIRCAR Alumina Insulation Type SALI has been insulating furnaces longer than any rigid alumina fiber insulation product available today.

SALI is a high strength, low density, rigid refractory structure fabricated from alumina fibers tightly bonded into an alumina matrix. SALI is prefired, contain no organics and possesses a continuous maximum use temperature of 1720°C (3128°F). These features make it an ideal insulation material for use as hot face insulation in a host of industrial and laboratory furnaces and thermal process systems.

Its fine open pore structure enables SALI to be cut to precision tolerances. SALI shows excellent resistance to chemical attack and is not affected by oil or water. It is however affected by hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acids and strong alkalis.

The technical papers "1700°C Rapid Cycle Furnace Design" and "Design of Low Mass Furnaces for High Temperatures" describe the make-up and some of the uses of this versatile material.