ASB-2300, ASB-2600 ZIRCAR Ceramics

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polyester polyester - ASB-2300, ASB-2600


ZIRCAR Alumina-Silica Blanket Type ASB-2300 & ASB-2600 are mechanically needled ceramic fiber blankets available in a variety of thickness' and densities. Composed of refractory ceramic fibers (RCF) they have numerous uses with temperatures to 1260 °C (2300 °F) and 1427°C (2600 °F). Type ASB-2300 and Type ASB-2600 exhibit good handle-ability and strength, have low shot content and are easily cut.

Both ASB-2300 & ASB-2600 are ideal for use as furnace insulation in sintering, heat treating and chemical thermal process systems. They can be layered between rigid insulation, wrapped around process piping or fabricated into folded modules. They are also useful as insulation packing in furnace spaces, around furnace sight tubes & ports and fill in expansion joints and masonry cracks.

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