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Planetary gear reducer / for wheel and track drive
30 - 2300 kNm ZOLLERN


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    for wheel and track drive


ZOLLERN drive gearboxes are available as compact gearboxes and shaft-mounted gearboxes. They stand out for high performance under difficult and unfavourable conditions.

ZOLLERN compact gearbox range

11 model sizes with maximum output torques of 30 to 2,300 kNm

ZOLLERN shaft-mounted gearbox range

6 model sizes with maximum output torques of 165 to 1,800 kNm

Their most remarkable features and special characteristics are

compact construction
high efficiency
long operation life
ease of maintenance
With these characteristics the machine designer will get a ready to install unit and will achieve economic solutions even in confined space conditions.


Wheel drives for rubber-tyred vehicles
Sprocket drives for diggers, cranes and chain-driven special equipment
Drive trains for railway vehicles
Cutting wheel and rolling mill drives


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