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Laser extensometer
laserXtens Zwick

The measuring head consists of two cameras mounted on motorized slide carriages, allowing the distance between the cameras to be varied so that different initial gage lengths can be set.

Advantages of the laserXtens Extensometer

The laserXtens HP extensometer can be used for strain-controlled tests to ISO 6892-1 Method A1 (closed loop).
Suitable for gage lengths ≥ 50 mm
laserXtens satisfies the requirements of Class 1 (0.5 for laserXtens HP) of ISO 9513 (Class B2 of ASTM E83)
Resolution is 0.15 μm (0.11 μm for laserXtens HP)
The laserXtens extensometer can also be used for simultaneous measurement of axial strain and torsion


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