Optical profilometer / non-contact / 3D / surface roughness
NewView™ MPT Zygo Corporation


  • Options:

    optical, non-contact, 3D, surface roughness, measurement

  • Applications:

    flatness, surface flatness


Building on the proven reliability of ZYGO's trusted NewView optical profiler, ZYGO's NewView Delta provides important operational and performance enhancements which make it easy to measure precision parts right on the factory floor. The NewView Delta extends the field of view up to a full 30 mm diameter, enabling you to measure the critical area of most precision parts in one shot - no multiple measurements, no waiting. It's fast, it's accurate, it's repeatable.

Two models are available: the NewView Delta SA is designed to be used primarily with one microscope objective for a single type of measurement (flatness, roughness, step height, etc.).

The NewView Delta DA sports two super-long-working-distance (SLWD) objectives on a shuttle, making it easy to switch between two different measurement types (typically roughness and flatness) on the fly. You don't even have to change software setups - the NewView Delta senses which objective is in use and automatically uses the appropriate MetroPro® measurement configuration.


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