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EMI-shielding laminate
ZYSHIELD™ Zytronic


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can be described as any form of electrical disturbance, signal or noise which interferes with the ability of electrical or electronic equipment to function correctly.This interference is also referred to as Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) and is active throughout the environment. Its effects vary from impaired TV or radio reception to severe disruption of communications, data processing and medical and defence activities. Its sources are both natural and man-made.

Our shielded windows are an extension of this principle in that the fine wire mesh acts as a barrier to these emissions but at the same time allowing the operator sight of the display into, or out of the shielded room or area. The windows on their own will not solve RFI problems but must be an integral part of a fully shielded system.

Typical applications include:

Military Displays:
- battlefield tactics systems
- communication systems
- hand-held computers
- secure laptop computers

Secure Areas:
- computer rooms
- test chambers
- buildings

Information Displays:
- airport terminals
- rail terminals
- bus terminals

- telecommunication racks
- test and measurement equipment
- navigation equipment
- medical equipment
- radar applications


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