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relative humidity and temperature transmitter HX93A/HX93DA Series OMEGA

The HX93AC and HX93DAC transmitters allow on-site or remote monitoring of relative humidity...

relative humidity, temperature and dew-point transmitter iTHX-W, iTHX-SD OMEGA

The OMEGA® iTHX transmitter is technologically designed to view temperature and humidity using an active web browser. It lets you monitor and record temperature,...

wall-mounted relative humidity and temperature transmitter EWS Series OMEGA

A wall mount sensor that is designed by Omega which suits well in an office...

OMEGA HX94 Series
stainless steel relative humidity and temperature transmitter for process applications HX94 Series OMEGA

This is a device with stainless steel housing to IP65 specifications. The duct flange is easily...

OMEGA HX71 Series
relative humidity transmitter HX71 Series OMEGA

The OMEGA HX71-MA are Humidity Transmitter, designed and develop to provide humidity...

web-based temperature transmitter iSD-TC OMEGA

This unit is for temperature monitoring and is available from Omega. It is equipped with all the features to suit laboratories, museums, warehouses,...

temperature transmitter SPRTX-SS Series OMEGA

The SPRTX-SS M12 Transmitter can be connected directly to majority of 3 or 4-wire, Pt100, 0.00385 curve sanitary probes and sensors using...

OMEGA TXDIN1600 Series
DIN rail-mounted temperature transmitter TXDIN1600 Series OMEGA

Omega TXDIN1600 series Universal DIN rail transmitters and trip amplifier can be easily configured through a USB port. The...

programmable temperature transmitter TX12 Pt100 RTD OMEGA

TX12 is a head-mounted temperature transmitter, which will save plenty of money in the long run, being one of the most cost-effective solutions. At the same time, the device accepts temperature sensors...

OMEGA CYTX231 Series
cryogenic temperature transmitter CYTX231 Series OMEGA

The CYTX231 Series of Cryogenic Temperature Transmitters offer models for use with for CY7 series...

OMEGA PXM219 Series
rugged pressure transmitter PXM219 Series OMEGA

This pressure transducer is made with a five-point certificate...

OMEGA PXM81-I Series
wet/wet differential pressure transmitter PXM81-I Series OMEGA

OMEGA’s PXM81 Series is a compact, high accuracy transducer designed for industrial applications...

OMEGA PX103-I Series
flush diaphragm pressure transmitter PX103-I Series OMEGA

This flush diaphragm pressure transmitter is constructed from stainless steel. The...

OMEGA  PX309/PX319/PX329
stainless steel pressure transmitter PX309/PX319/PX329 OMEGA

This unit works from 1, 2 and 5 psi and can manage engineered ranges from...

OMEGA  PX409S-I Series
sanitary pressure transmitter PX409S-I Series OMEGA

This unit is accurate to 0.08% and uses a stable sensor with...

OMEGA  PX665 Series
low differential pressure transmitter PX665 Series OMEGA

This is a low differential pressure...

OEM pressure transmitter PX275 OMEGA

This uses a rugged panel mount...

pressure transmitter PXM309 OMEGA

The PXM300 series industrial pressure transducers combine two of OMEGA’s precision manufacturing techniques. A precision micromachined silicon sensor is used for low pressure ranges from 70 mb to...

analogue weight transmitter TXDIN1600S OMEGA

Omega’s TXDIN1600S is a DIN rail mount transmitter for load cell or strain gauge inputs. Software available for free download allows the user to configure and scale the transmitter easily via a built-in...

OMEGA  LVU1501 Series
ultrasonic level transmitter LVU1501 Series OMEGA

The LVU1500-LP Series Two-Wire is a non-contact continuous level transmitter that can be programmed easily and operates under aggressive environments with its stainless steel...

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