Airfal International

Who we are

We are a family Company with more than 30 years in the lighting market with a great vision for the innovation and service. Our business model allows us the ease and speed to adapt to new technologies, ton constant changes in the markets and to the personalization of our products according to demand.

Our values

Our motto in to collaborate with customers and suppliers to get what you need with our greatest asset, the team Airfal.

We count with specialized personnel, experimented and dynamic, able to adapt to the different situations and markets. From the Commercial department, Product development department, Production and every one and each of the departments, we all work together to achieve growth year after year in the world.

Thanks to our wide range of products, the applications are very extensive. We are increasing the waterproof families and explosion proof light fittings, centering our efforts in high tech specification materials for extreme circumstance applications.

Exporting to more than 60 countries, we grow day by day the exports percentage that now is half of the total sales of our company.