Association VAST

Who we are

"Association VAST" Ltd is a full cycle company that designs, produces and sells equipment and software for vibration condition monitoring. We occupy a solid percentage of Russian vibration diagnostic tools market thanks to our caring relations with our customers and top-performing scientists and engineers, who know, basically, everything about vibration. We are the first company in the world who invented automatic diagnostics systems for bearings failure prediction. We are the inventors of the enveloped spectra method, that is now used in all modern vibration analyzers. Our educational center is the biggest in Russia and we educate more than 500 specialists annually. Our equipment is used by more than 700 clients in 15 sectors of industry.


“Russian national Olympus” 2004

“100 best Russian products” 2008, 2013

“Golden Mercury” 2009, 2013

State quality award 2009

International award “Best company of the year” 2010

“Vibration diagnostics Industry leader(Russia)” 2010

“Best exporter (Saint-Petersburg award)” 2011

Amongst our customers:  

Our values

Our core values: 

- honesty  

We always try to be as honest as possible with our customers and they pay back to us with their trust. 

- reliability 

For more than 25 years we have been a reliable supplier to our clients and dealers.  

- innovation

"Association VAST" always looks for the way to improve existing equipment, software and approaches in vibration analysis field. We have always been at the forefront of innovation and we will be there in years to come.