Audion Packaging Machines

Who we are

Established in 1947, Audion is specialized in the design and development of machinery for the high-end packaging industry.

Today, our machines are sold in over 65 countries which makes us one of the key suppliers for the global packaging industry. We pack everything; from medication, industrial parts to fresh goods.

We do this with dedication and a unique approach. We design and develop the machines ourselves, which gives us the opportunity to provide the best tools for our customers. The characteristic and appealing design consists of a smooth finish and round corners. This ensures less waste, optimal hygiene and efficiency in the processing and packaging of goods.

Our internal R&D enables us to stay on top of trends and latest innovations in the market. We not only provide you with the best products in the industry but we also take care of the service and maintenance which makes us a full service provider. Every market, from industrial to retail, standard or custom made, we develop a solution for your packaging challenges. Not only for today, but also for the future.

Our values


Packaging solutions instead of a single packaging machine

Co-operation, service, support and maintenance

Worldwide representation


In a worldwide market where standards are high and cost efficiency is important, inventiveness is necessary. With the growing demand for flexible and intelligent packaging, we are focussing on advanced packaging machines. Our core competence will be supplying processed based solutions instead of just a single packaging machine.


Packaging is more than just a machine. It takes years of experience to support the packaging process with innovative solutions. It is our drive to deliver a reliable full service solution by working closely together with you to achieve the perfect package: