Eichenberger Gewinde

Who we are

Linear power transmission technology

      We develop, produce and market innovative linear power transmission products – lead and ball screws with cold-rolled threads – designed specifically to address the needs of potential OEM applications:

      Carry ball screws

      Carry Speedline high-helix ball screws

      Speedy high-helix lead screws

      Rondo round thread lead screws

      Thread rolling is the core expertise of Eichenberger Gewinde AG. Not surprisingly, we utilize this process to form the thread profiles of all the screws we produce.

      Even though all Eichenberger lead screws are made using the rational thread rolling process, individual model series feature distinct differences in design and performance. Product characteristics therefore need to be considered when selecting the right product.

      Our values

        Eichenberger Gewinde AG is a future-driven independent Swiss company with clear objectives:

        We develop, produce and market worldwide a range of innovative and economical linear power transmission products of the highest quality. Lead screws and ball screws in particular as well as other products containing these components benefit from our know-how in thread rolling through cold forming.
        Our products are expected to deliver significant economical and technological value to the user in accordance with the principles of a market economy and an effective partnership with our customers.
        Our products are marketed worldwide - directly to our customers or through a network of representatives.

        With on-going research and development and the use of state-of-the-art production methods, we intend to develop our core expertise and market position to assist our customers in their efforts to deliver innovations for the benefit of all.

        As a company, we also assume our social and societal responsibilities. Respectful of ethical principles, we strive to motivate and reward the men and women in our workforce.

        We value the excellent resources available to us at our Swiss site and rely on our own strength in our aspiration to grow.

        Based on our core expertise in thread rolling, we also produce a wide variety of thread components - a core product for our Swiss home market.

        Our presence around the world