Who we are

The quality and value never come out of nowhere. EIDE has over 65 years using high quality materials and improving its manufacturing processes, a combination that results in industrial brakes, torque limiters, clutches and couplings industrial high integrity. Over the years we have gained the most modern machinery to achieve the best quality and competitiveness in the national and international market. EIDE also applies reverse engineer parts and customizes, without excluding those that are outdated and "hard to find", to suit your specifications. Our business is to make their machines work with maximum operational efficiency. We believe in the ongoing discovery of methods to help our customers achieve their goals and solve their problems efficiently. Currently, EIDE is a successful provider companies, ranging from small firms to large companies worldwide, always offering quality products at competitive prices.

Our values

- Quality

Technology products requires materials and processes demanding market. Buy EIDE is to buy reliability. All our industrial brakes, torque limiters, industrial clutches and couplings are made with the most important raw materials and go through detailed manufacturing processes, verification and control to ensure the success and profitability in its various applications. The strong investment in machinery and manufacturing programs as well as optimizing its production lines, EIDE ensure that products meet quality standards more than expected by the customer.

- Development

The production process makes the difference, have teams of highly qualified own production, is us a competitive advantage that gives us a high degree of independence and flexibility to adjust to the demand of our customers. We can customize our production line and design depending on the application to which to respond. Over time we have specialized in lifting brakes and clutches for machinery among others, developed to achieve greater efficiency and reliability. We have the necessary tools to make it happen.

- Innovation

We have more than 65 years of work dedicated customer, a factor that has made us market savvy experts and researchers of customized solutions. Our R & D advisor at all times on the specific product you need for each application, finding the best solution for your project. Constant research, innovation and technical expertise has allowed us to make the patent model of several of our products. Our goal is to grow offering intelligent solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our presence around the world