EverExceed Industrial Co. Ltd

Who we are

EverExceed Corporation, as a world-class brand, established in 1985, has its headquarter in Shenzhen, R&D center in UK, offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and operations in six continents. With strong research and development ability, strict quality control management and high-quality service system, EverExceed develops, designs and manufactures safe and green power products for more than 30 years, which have been applied in over 70 countries and regions and enjoy good reputation from the global customers.

As a leading global manufacturer of next generation green power products, EverExceed Corporation develops, designs and manufactures worldwide reliable power solutions with continuous innovative technologies, cost-effectiveness and good service, including solar modules, solar inverters, solar controllers, solar energy systems, industrial batteries (lead acid batteries, nickel cadmium/nickel iron batteries and lithium batteries), U P S power products, high efficiency DC rectifiers, DC chargers, AVR, etc. Our advanced technology, professional technique, automatic equipment, experienced staff and strict operation system assure high level product quality. Focusing on improving technology and innovation, EverExceed today is not only an important vendor of China’s energy industry, but also becoming one of the influential leading companies in global energy industry.

Our values

Quality is the first life for company. Therefore, EverExceed is always rigorous on quality control. We attained the certificates of ISO9001 & ISO14001, and our products are accredited with TUV/VDE/CE/UL/RoHS/DEKRA. During the production and before the factory, we have very strict quality control management system to assure the high quality of products.

Brand is the recognition of product quality from customers and the guarantee of product life, and has a strong market driving force. Since the date of establishment, the dedicated and professional high-end brand image has been explained to each user with superior quality products, affordable prices and excellent service. EverExceed Corporation has always been based on brand, quality, price, environmental protection, and has enjoyed good reputation and respect from customers all over the world.

Our vision is to become one of the most famous brands in the world from China and supply worldwide power products with continuous innovation. By now, reliable products with our brand “EverExceed” have been exported to more than 60 countries all over the world. With its strong penetration into international markets, EverExceed Corporation will continue its high-speed development in the coming years and be well placed to keep up on steady growth with continuous innovative technologies.

Our presence around the world