Extrude Hone®

Who we are

For Edges and Surfaces, when seeking for productivity, when conventional machining processes reached their limits, or when new production processes generate challenges then Extrude Hone® will provide the best shaping and finishing solutions, making this extra mile the best industrial journey ever

We have multiple processes from AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining), AFM MICROFLOW (Flow Tuning), TEM (Thermal Deburring), ECM (Electrochemical Machining Deburring) to the most advanced PECM (Precise Electrochemical Machining).

We offer global service around the world with technical centers in America, Asia and Europe. We provide Machines and Fixtures but also complete Aftermarket support and Contract Shop.

Our values

•Fulfilling customer needs is our top priority, we support you from design through production to aftermarket all around the world.

•Team Spirit is Extrude Hone® blood and also a key element of the collaborative engineering relation with each customer.

•Existing to innovate, at Extrude Hone® we keep the ball running; great technologies can always evolve and process application can always be stretched to new areas.

•If you feel nothing else could be done to improve productivity or quality, then it’s time to talk to Extrude Hone®. Combining most of the time shaping and finishing is our edge to optimize cost per part.


Our presence around the world