Hamilton Precision Metals

Who we are

Hamilton Precision Metals produces metal strip and foil in nearly any alloy and specialty metal to the tightest tolerances and thinnest gauges in the industry – down to 1.5 microns (.000060”) in thickness – for applications where quality, precision and consistency are critical as well as the design and the performance requirements. 

Key markets include:

• Medical Instrumentation
• Aerospace
• Computers and electronics
• Automotive

Central to our reputation for precision are our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, including:

• Z-high mill and Sendzimir mills for production of strip and foil from .0005" to .075" in thickness and in widths up to 15" maximum. We also roll ultra-thin foils as thin as .000060" and in widths up to 4"
• Computer-controlled gauging systems to ensure consistency within a coil and from process lot to process lot
• Precision strip slitters, with a thickness range of .0004" to .075", to slit strip to a minimum width of .029", with excellent control of camber and burr … foil slitters, built in-house, to slit foil as thin as .000060" to widths as narrow as .010"
• Strand-annealing furnaces for in-process and final annealing to obtain optimum mechanical properties; hydrogen, nitrogen and argon protective atmospheres are available in temperatures up to 2200°F temperature, speed and dewpoint are closely monitored to provide superior process control.
• In-house grinding and/or lapping of the mill work rolls to produce desired surface finishes, flash pickling to remove stains and tenacious oxides and ongoing tensile and hardness testing during production for superior quality control.
• Alloys including Stainless Steel and heat resisting Steel, Nickel and High Nickel alloys, Cobalt based superalloys, Titanium and Copper.

Hamilton Precision Metals is part of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products together with AMETEK Wallingford, AMETEK Eighty Four, Reading Alloys, Fine Tubes and Superior Tube. Collectively, they represent a world-leading force in precision tube, strip, wire and foil, metal powders and clad metals.

Our values

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products represent a world leading force in precision tube, strip, wire and foil, metal powders and clad metals.