Hangzhou Zetian Technology CO., Ltd

Who we are

HANGZHOU ZETIAN TECHNOLOGY was established in 2008, and has national wide impact in China now as a rapidly development company in environmental protection and industrial process control. For nearly 10 years, Zetian technology has manufactured equipments for industrial process analysis, gas emission monitoring and pollutant monitoring. Our equipments can be customized by our professional staff who understand your compliance testing needs and provide you best solutions. We focus on Ultra-violet DOAS gas analyzer, Laser TDLAS gas analyzer, continuous emission monitoring system and etc, basically covering air pollution monitoring, metallurgical industries, chemical, refinery industries, cement, sulfur recovery, flue gas and other on-line monitoring needs. Our friendly and professional staff are always ready to provide technical support to our customers.
Hangzhou Zetian Technology is committed to the integrity, strength and quality of our products. We're internationally recognized. Welcome you to visit us.
Currently, we are looking for certificated distributor and OEM clients through out the world. If you have any interest, please contact us!

Our Services
 1. Compelte instrument OEM & ODM
 2. Module parts OEM & ODM
 3. Flexible cooperation mode: retail, wholesale, distributors
 4. Environmental & industrial  monitoring solutions

Our values

Quality first, customer prior

Focus on details and keep improving

Value commitments, never shirk` responsiblity

Excellent team spirit, continuous learning and developing