Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

Who we are

Hukseflux offers measurement solutions for the most challenging applications. Our main area of expertise is measurement of heat transfer and thermal quantities such as:

-solar radiation, heat flux and thermal conductivity.

We design and supply sensors as well as test & measuring systems, and offer related services such as engineering and consultancy. We also apply our expertise to related fields such as temperature differences and thermal contact resistance and to flow sensors, fouling sensors and corrosion sensors. The complete product range of Hukseflux sensors and systems is offered worldwide. Custom-made products and measuring systems are developed in cooperation with customers, via our:

-engineering & consultancy services.

With our laboratory facilities, we offer testing services such as:

-material characterisation services and calibration services.

Hukseflux is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Customers are served through the main office in the Netherlands, and locally owned representations in the USA, Brazil, India, China and Japan.

Our values

Hukseflux is a technology-driven company. We innovate, experiment, and appreciate a technical conversation with our customers. We think in terms of improvements and solutions. Creative thinking is the starting point of our product development. At the same time, by working efficiently and disciplined, and "recycling" our expertise between different applications, we are able to offer next-level solutions and highest quality products at an acceptable price level. If we cannot offer you an acceptable solution ourselves, we will tell you who can. We are long-term oriented, and value our relationship with customers, distributors and suppliers. Hukseflux' quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.