Who we are


We specialized in researching, developing and servicing electric motors, gearbox and high precision gears with small module. After years of development, we have an independent product  design and R&D team, service team and professional quality control team. To realize our service concept better, provide high quality products and excellent service, we have been committed to the core ability and training. We have a holding factory in Nanjing, which produce  high presicion small moulds   gears, gear shaft, gearbox and planetary gearbox assembling. 

What’s more, we have two joint ventures. One is located in Changzhou, which produce hybrid stepper motor, precious linear stepper motor, brushless DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor driver, brushless motor driver, encoder and brake. Another one is located in Shenzhen, which produce DC gear motor. The factory has dozens of CNC machines and high precision test equipment, implements the process management and automatic operation  in most producing process.

We also have two cooperation factories. One is producing AC reversible synchronous motor and AC servo motor, the other one is producing linear permanent stepper motor, permanent stepper motors.

We can provide special solution to match customer demand and can also accept special design from customers. Our strong R&D team will be available for any special request. 

Our values

I.CH performance the relevant social responsibility in a positive attitude while developing our ourselves . I.CH abides national laws and business ethics, secure the rights of employees, improve welfare for employees.

Our ultimate goal is to make our customers successful by providing with excellent operation management that includes design, development and manufacturing of motors.
Our technical support is so good that 99% of our customers say they would recommend us to someone else! Most of them say we are above average to excellent in accuracy, thoroughness, and response time, and attitude. And, we come out top in service for years.