JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd.

Who we are

JINPAT Electronics, founded since 1996, is a leading manufacturer of slip rings, who has been committed to developing and manufacturing a large variety of industrial slip rings applied to many fields. Typical products like Capsule Slip Ring, Through-bore Slip Ring, Large-current Slip Ring, Coax Rotary Joint, Fiber Optic Slip Ring, Separate Slip Ring, Pin Slip Ring are off-the-shelf units. Besides of these, customization is supported to cater to different application in that electrical rotary joints can be designed exclusively for Ethernet, USB, HDMI, Sensor, CAN Bus, Thermocouple, RS232, RS422 and so forth. All the products have been secured by our quality management system, certificated by the GB/T19001-2008/ IS09001:2008.

Our values

Rich technologically in hundreds kinds of advanced technical equipment and high precision test facilities, JINPAT R&D Center accommodates more than 100 professional engineers and 500 skilled employees. With abundant accumulation of knowledge and experience in well-known multinational corporations or famous research institutions, these senior intellectuals take the lead of the expert R&D team to braze new trails on the land of 7000 square meters over and over again. So far, JINPAT has attained 5 patents for invention, utility models of 37patents. 

Adhering to the ideal of innovation and customers first, JINPAT has served numerous customers and constructed a good long-term relationship with them all over the world for about 15 years. Not only has it provided excellent slip rings of high quality and reliability for defense, automation, research institutions, marine and aviation, but also has exported to most western industrialized countries.  With advanced design, exquisite materials and fine manufacturing, JINPAT products have been highly acknowledged.  

Our presence around the world