Who we are

King-Mazon Machinery CO., LTD is a professional company engaged in the manufacturing of digital control tube benders, hydraulic tube benders, tube end formers, tube cutters, robot-based digital assembly line, molds, etc. It works with Addison, PINES, and INECO to manufacture tube benders. It is China's most characteristic tube forming equipment manufacturer. With the registered capital of RMB 10 million, King-Mazon was incorporated in July 2003. Now, it has a factory building area of over 14,000 m2 and a total workforce of 117 including 36 technicians. At King-Mazon, there is a postdoctoral research workstation and a provincial-level research and development center. It has drafted more than 10 industrial standards such as Digital Control Tube Benders, Tube Bender Safety, Heavy-duty Tube Benders, and Tube End Formers. King-Mazon has rich experience in foreign trade. Its products are suitable for different regions.nt regions.

King-Mazon's research and development center and postdoctoral workstation have carried out large quantities of studies and experiments in terms of stress, strain, elasticity, and plasticity of cold pipe bending and forming, digital processing, special-purpose robot, forming and molding, lubrication, etc. So far, we have obtained large quantities of research data and test results. We are able to manufacture tube benders and tube end formers for which there are demanding requirements. Multiple products manufactured by us including digital tube bender, heavy-duty tube bender for ship, and multi-station tube end former are internationally advanced.

In order to catch up with European technologies, King-Mazon established offices in Hamburg, Germany and Cleveland, US. We have always developed manufacturing technologies of bend equipment used to produce bends for aircrafts, automobiles, and boilers. We employ foreign engineers at home and have successfully tackled multiple world-class technical challenges of the industry by following the procedure of introduction, selective adoption, and innovation. Now, King-Mazon is in possession of over 30 patented technologies; with more than 10 professional papers published, it was awarded the provincial-level science and technology progress prize several times and has won the support of many leaders and experts. 

King-Mazon has its own international sales workforce. The sales workforce serves customers across more than 240 countries and regions and has sold over 100 kinds of products. In addition, it has rich experience in both domestic and foreign trade, as well as long-term trade relations with numerous famous enterprises at home and overseas. Its products are mainly used in fields such as aviation/space, nuclear electricity, locomotive, shipbuilding, automobile, furniture, fitness equipment, and construction. Its main customers include: Volkswagen, Bayer, NAP, Putzmeister, Boeing, Standard, AVIC Chengdu, AVIC Xi'an, AVIC Hongdu, AVIC Changhe, China's PLA Navy, China Nuclear Power, Dalian Shipbuilding, Wuchang Shipbuilding, Qingshan Shipbuilding, CSR Zhuzhou Electric Motor, CSR Qingdao Sifang, CNR Tangshan Railway Vehicle, CNR Qiqihar, Dongfang Boiler, Harbin Electric Group, etc. Its products are sold in over 50 countries and regions including Germany, UK, Poland, Czech, Spain, Russia, Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, South Africa, and Iran. More than 100 Fortune Top 500 enterprises are its customers.  

Our values

Keeping in mind the corporate philosophy of "Quality Goods from Good Faith & Top Brand from Sophisticated Technology", King-Mazon is committed to being the most professional global tube forming equipment manufacturing base by continuously improving manufacturing technologies and product quality. New and old friends are welcome to join us to create a bright future!

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