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Who we are

The LKE Group with its head office in Germany’s Westphalia region is one of the leading manufacturers of sophisticated transport systems. The LKE Group operates in three business areas, namely intralogistics, distributional logistics and floor-to-floor logistics.  Industrial trucks, sorting trolleys, shelf trolley systems, trolleys and containers, as well as numerous other transportation solutions make up the group’s extensive product range.

With the range of sophisticated aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel transport solutions, LKE Group is one of a few one-stop shopping suppliers for handling and logistic products in three business areas - intralogistics, global mail logistics and industrial solutions. In some application areas, the company group - in spite of its relatively young history - has already established itself as global market leader.
The key to the enormous company growth in the past years has been a strong focus on consulting, service, research and development. The use of state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems in the group's production sites makes it possible to meet individual customer requests in all their complexity and with the utmost precision. The group has its own development department and a prototyping unit that makes serial products to individual specifications under realistic conditions with a fast turnaround time.

The combination of knowledge, professional skills and experience of many years reflects LKE's innovativeness - the company's major strong point. Close cooperation between the highly qualified consulting and development team and customers has become a trademark of the company group over the years. Combined with a prototype construction at production sites, individual tasks in different areas can be turned into standard products and intelligent solution concepts for innovative transport and handling products within very short time. An extensive service and spare part management, that does not only include routine inspections but also extensive consulting services, completes LKE Group's versatile range of services in all respects.


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