Who we are

LM Réalisations was founded in 1984, the company designs and manufactures fixed & mobile workstations and protective cells for computer equipment and printers used in Industrial Environments.

The company’s wide range of products provides protection for all configurations of computer system against a huge range of hostile environments, including the agricultural & foodstuffs industry, Mechanical Engineering, Transport & Logistics.

Characterisitic of the products :

--> RF transparent , to allow the wireless connection between your devices

--> No electrical conductivity

--> Low thermal conductivity

--> Resistant to shock and bending

--> Low flammability

--> Absord vibrations

--> No sensibility to moisture and chemicals products


Our values

LM Réalisations has invested in processes aimed at providing individualised products and solutions through its own integrated Design Engineering Office

Adaptation to their environment     

Integration of their computer or electronic components



Industrial standards (IP65 , IP54, IP68 , IP66)

Our quality procedures are applied from the design to manufacturing .