MITA Water Technologies S.r.l.

Who we are

MITA Water Technologies designs, manufactures and markets equipment for the purification and filtration of both civil and industrial wastewater, such as:

- Cloth filters

- Biorulli for biological purification

- Lamellar packs for sedimentation and oil separation

- Continuous sand filters

- Dissolved air floatation (DAF) systems

- Plastic chain scrapers

- Disc and tubular air diffusers

- Filling materials for trickling filters

MITA Water Technologies had been a division of MITA Cooling Technologies since 1971 and was established as an independent company in 2001. 

Our values

MITA Water Technologies has always been committed to the development of new products and the continuous improvement of existing ones. In its research and development activities, it makes use of pilot facilities and dedicated design software made speci cally for the purpose. The primary objective is full customer satisfaction through specialization, sector- acquired skills and technical consultancy. All products guarantee the highest quality standards, reliability, long life cycles and low operating costs. 

Sustainability, reliability and innovation.