Who we are

Neway International Group Inc. is established in 1997 by Suzhou Zhenghe Machinery Co.,Ltd. and Suzhou Neway Machinery Co., Ltd.. With Newayer’s continuous endeavor for 18 years, it becomes a well-known machinery supplier worldwide with 4 sub-branches – CNC machines, oil field equipment, industrial materials and industrial valves. The headquarters is situated in Suzhou managing its factories and branch companies spread in the world with ERP management system and barcode management technology.

Neway CNC, invested by the group company with 150 million, is situated in Suzhou High tech development zone equipped with constant temperature assembly workshop. The workshop covers 200000 square meter land.
The company imported from Europe top quality portal million machine, coordinate boring machine horizontal miller, universal miller, guideway miller as machine tools; coordinate machines, laser interferer, dynamic balancer and spindle temperature raise test platform etc. as inspection machine. The company is managed with help of SAP system for the aim of producing quality products for customers with zero defects.

US and German Development and Research Centers
German Research Center (Neway CNC Europe) and US Research Center (Neway CNC North America) take the job to help Suzhou center developing performance and characteristic design for international customers and to meet the need of the customers with specific local requirements.

Neway R&D designers make full use of finite method and simulation technology of multibody dynamics theory in machine structure construction; analyzing the dynamic and static property, vibration characteristics and heating features of the pattern; optimizing the machine structure and performance of the designs with topology, geometry, dimensional and reliability optimization.

Main Products:
CNC horizontal lathe,
CNC vertical lathe,
Vertical machine center,
Horizontal milling center,
CNC boring and milling machine,
Gantry/portal milling center,
Special purpose machine,
Automatic production line,
Intellectual factory construction.

Our values

Complete solution for cutting technics

Neway CNC Equipment produces machines in 7 categories with 200 models; sets up 360 degree solutions for the aim of fulfill customers. The factory offers made-to-order (drawing/material) products. Its future target is to develop into automatic processing and intelligent manufacturer.

Positively, quickly and efficiently solve problems for customers and offers maintenance guidance periodically

Neway has more than 40 sales offices in China and more than 60 overseas agencies/distributors all over the world.

Neway experienced processing engineers and R&D engineers offer most suitable cutting solutions and configurations for customers.

Professional technical support engineers offers pre-sale evaluation and cutting solutions to satisfy the customers.

Our presence around the world