Okawara Mfg. Co., Ltd

Who we are

Okawara is a Japanese engineering and machinery manufacturer specialized in industrial dryers, mixers, sterilizers, liquid concentrators, granulators, among others.

Our commitment to always provide the best equipment begins with a full understanding of the customer’s product and its unique needs. This often means testing the product to understand its unique thermal profile and handling characteristics. Learnings in this process will be applied out through the design, engineering and manufacturing of the equipment.

Our equipments are designed and manufactured for long operation life and low maintenance. It means that when they are operated and maintained in the right way they will offer many years of reliable and cost-effective operation, reducing their total cost of ownership. We aim to provide equipments that excel quality, while eliminating waste and maximizing value for our customers.

Over 90 years of drying and thermal processes experience has taught us that every customer is unique and so should be their equipment. That is the reason that we endeavor to custom made every single equipment based on specific processing needs and customer’s special requirements.

Basic Information:

Founded: October 1927
Incorporated: April 1945
Paid-in capital: JPY 779,210,000
Employees: Approximately 290 (Japan only)
Business line: Engineering, designing, manufacturing and sales of dryers, granulators, conical mixers, superheated steam sterilizers, liquid vacuum evaporators/ concentrators, sludge treatment equipments, extract plants, production lines, other plants etc.
Industrial property right: Patents and utility models: 124              Pending: 33 (as per February, 2018)

Our values

Corporate Philosophy

As an engineering company, Okawara’s aim is to develop and provide the optimum combination of

quality, safety and environment friendly technologies that will enhance the value of our customers’ business

while also contribute to the progress of society at large. 

Our presence around the world