Once Top Motor Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Who we are

Founded in 2001, Once Top Motor Manufacture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Once Top) is specialized in DC micro-motor development, production and sales. The headquarters is located in China science and technology innovation city - Shenzhen. We have our subsidiaries in Shanghai, Anhui , and offices in Hong Kong. Once Top has more than 1800 employees, annual output of various types of micro-motor and aperture module more than 80 million. After more than ten years’ development, Once Top has became a leading domestic micro motor industry.

Our values

Once Top has the most advanced technical ability in micro-motor industry. Now we have DC brush motor, coreless motor, gear motor, brushless motor, stepping motor and aperture modules. With the most excellent domestic research and development team, with industry leading hardware and plastic mold room, as well as the international advanced motor manufacturing automation equipment (R&D by ourselves), Once Top won many innovation patents in the field of DC motor and automation area.The products are widely applied in 3D printers, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), robot, vehical equipment, medical equipment, household appliance, aviation model, personal care products and etc.Once top is the main supplier of manytop brands in the world..

With several years’ experience in motor business and continuous improvement in quality , Once Top owns a good reputation worldwidely. Now the company is committed to becoming the leading DC motor supplier.