Who we are

PROTEM consistently optimizes its performance in order to anticipate the needs and satisfy the expectations of our customers in terms of our strict quality requirements.  Our flexibility, responsiveness and capability to adapt ourselves to our customer’s situations, allows PROTEM to offer them excellent support in their industrial operations all over the world.

PROTEM designs and manufactures a wide range of portable facing, beveling, cutting, severing, counterboring, flange and valve machining and boring equipment.

Other companies have sought to exploit this growing market and have developed machines to do so, but none have managed to ensure continuous development of their products, and prove their ability to adapt to a market in perpetual renewal. PROTEM has not only been able to consistently achieve these objectives, but has demonstrated their technical competence, the reliability of their products and above all, the ability to understand the real needs of their customers.

PROTEM has thus achieved universal recognition and become the favored partner of the majority of companies within the following industries: nuclear, oil & gas, shipbuilding, chemical, petrochemical, food preparation, tube and pipe machining, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and many others across the globe.

As a result of all of these factors, PROTEM machines enjoy an excellent reputation wherever they are used throughout the world.  The success and confidence, placed in us by our clients, allows us to affirm our global leadership position in the market of portable tube and pipe machining.  PROTEM takes this responsibility very seriously.  We will continue to cultivate  and maintain their trust.  In addition to our standard product line, PROTEM also designs and manufactures special machines and welding equipment to meet the specific technical needs of our customers.

More than 15,000 PROTEM and SERCO portable machines are being used all around the world.

During the last 45 years, PROTEM has designed more than 1500 specialty machines.

Our values

PROTEM is a strategic partner with many major companies, in a variety of industries, across the globe in the design, manufacture and implementation of portable machining, cutting and welding equipment. We have achieved the status of worldwide leader in this industry because of our unceasing commitment to consistently optimize our performance and offer excellent support to industry operations all over the world. The success and confidence placed in us by our clients allows us to affirm our global leadership position in the market of portable tube and pipe machining equipment.  PROTEM takes this responsibility very seriously.  We will always continue to cultivate and maintain this trust!

Proven knowledge and expertise to provide optimal, individualized solutions to our customers around the world, assisting them in achieving their goals.

Insightful recommendations that meet our customer’s unique technical requirements and environmental constraints.

Employees who are dedicated to surpassing our customer’s expectations in every facet of our operation.

Being a key collaborator and partner with our customers by understanding their special industry needs and focus, offering perceptive expertise, and remaining ever vigilant and committed to being at the forefront of technological innovation.

High-performance solutions where excellence marks the quality of our achievements.

Assisting our customers to lower their production costs, increase efficiency, extend service life of key components and reduce time spent in hazardous environments with equipment that enables them to improve their overall performance.

Consistent quality in the design, service and manufacture of PROTEM machines to provide the highest machining performance.

Products that can be easily installed, set-up and used by a single operator and still provide safety and dependability under even the toughest conditions.

Our presence around the world