REICH-KUPPLUNGEN ; Dipl.-Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH

Who we are

Founded by my grandfather in 1946, our family-run company has been continually developing ever since in line with the market requirements – from a spare parts manufacturer for the mining industry to an internationally renowned specialist in power transmission engineering.

Today, we develop and produce torsionally flexible couplings at a high level of vertical integration under the REICH-KUPPLUNGEN brand. These products are predominantly used for combustion engines in stationary and mobile applications – for example in power generation plants, in construction machinery, in commercial vehicles, in railway engineering, and in the shipbuilding industry.

Continual progress is ensured through the work of our highly qualified and reliable employees. By  applying cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, we are coming up with sophisticated coupling solutions at our parent company in Bochum. These are rooted on the experience that we have collected over all these years with the most various elastomer  materials. Our own worldwide sales network has been significantly expanded in the recent years and serves as a basis for the global and sustainable  success of the REICH-KUPPLUNGEN brand.

Another essential component of our success is the “Designed to Customer” principle which allows us to create customised high-quality and long-lasting power transmission products in close cooperation with the customer.

Our commitment to flexibility, quality, and on-time delivery, and our ability to respond to the most diverse requirements are providing daily proof that customer satisfaction is of top priority to us.

Since I joined the company’s management I have dedicated my efforts to preserve these values and to position our company for a safe and successful future also in the third generation.

Yours, Christian Reich

Our values

The recipe for our success is called D2C. This acronym stands for “Designed to Customer” and puts the philosophy of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN in a nutshell: Reich customers are not only supplied with goods from the catalogue but also with couplings which are developed and tailor-made to their specific needs.