Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

Who we are

Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co.,Ltd was established in 1995, which integrated Taiwan & Japan technologies. We have been focus on the most secure and reliable climatic test chamber technology since established. And has become a private science and technology enterprises in Dongguan, Guangdong province, which passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.

Our products upgrade constantly and our customers come portable batteries, power batteries, lithium batteries, lead-acid, new energy vehicles, electric bibycles, electric tools, electric systems, solar, military, universities research and other technology industries fields.

Having experienced nearly 20 years effort, we have successfully developed a series of products: high low temperature test chamber, ESS test chamber, Temperature and altitude test chamber, explosion-proof type high temperature test chamber, explosion-proof type thermal shock test chamber, rain test chamebr, dust test chamber, seawater immersion chamber, temperature&humidity&vibration integrated test chamber, walk in chamber, battery thermal abuse test chamber, ozone aging test chamber, UV weathering chamber, xenon arc weathering chamber, high temperature drying oven, cell turnover test machine, washing test machine, vibration table, impact tester and other test equipment. All product meet GB31241, IE62133,QCT/743,UN38.3,UL2054 standard. And we have had a good cooperation with ATL, Sony, Sunwoda,Desay, Samsung, Huawei, BYD,Toyota, Yutong Bus, Nissan, Guangdong province entry-exit, Tsinghua University, Henan University, Chinese Academy of Science, Central South University,etc.

Our values

Enterprise vision: Sanwood has established a large production base in Dongguan after many years effort. The plant area reached more than 1200 square meters. The foreign trade branch and foreign service agencies were established in 2010. And branches are successively established in Taiwan, Suzhou, Foshan, Jiangxi and Beijing. Excellent products and after-sales service make us won the recognition and trust of customers. Product are exported to more than 30 countries, such as Russia, Singapore, US, UK, Turkey, Denmark, India, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Austria, Canada,etc. In the age with fierce competitions, Sanwood thrived little by little and aims to become the leading brand in the safety and reliability environmental test chamber industry in China.

Our presence around the world