Shandong Kaitai Group

Who we are

Shandong Kaitai Group Co., Ltd. is the largest and most professional manufacturer of surface blasting machinery and metal abrasives in China which integrates with technical research, development, production, installation, debugging services and sales.The company occupies 100,000 square meters and is located in Zouping Fenghuang Economic Zone.It is 52 km to Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province. The company has the first-class Technology R&D Center and perfect quality management system. Meanwhile, we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE Certificate. We are also maker of our National Standard in China. 

Main products include the intelligent wheelblastsystem,metal abrasive,enviromental protection equipment,abrasion resistant castings,new corrosion resistant materials,air blowers,etc.

in order to transform from a Chinese manufacturer into a Chinese crestor,Kaitai implemented the trategy of expanding globally acquiring global companies with reputable brands continuously.Currently,Kaitai has Airblast Group in Holland,Sybrandy in Holland,Pumline in Australia,Blastman in Finland,ect.As her wholly owned subsidiaries.

Foundry Industry, Forging Industry, Heat Treatment Industry, Steel Structure Industry, Shipyards, Container Manufacturer, Auto Industry, Locomtive Industry, etc. 

Main products: 
Shot Blasting Machines 
Sand Blasting Pots
Sand Blasting Rooms
Air Blowers 
Metal Abrasives: Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Steel Cut Wire Shot, Stainless Steel Shot, Aluminum Shot, Copper Shot, Zinc Shot, etc. 

Our values

During the 11th and 12th five year plan period,our pation underwent rapid economic growth and increasing demand for the steel materials.We began to face the growing problems attached with corrsion.

According to satistics losses incurred yearly amount up to USD7000 billion worldwide.In the face of growing problems in corrosion.

Kaitai Group focused on the research and development of the wheel blast and sand blast technology.

After almost 10 years of development,the company diversified into the entire field of metalsurface treatment and speedily became the industry leader.Kaitai has now become a solution provider for the complete line of wheel blast.

Our presence around the world