Shoto / Shuangdeng Group Company Limited

Who we are

Shoto, a leading integration service provider of green energy storage in the era of big data.Using cutting-edge energy technology,with our customers around the world,shares a green world.

We actively explore,and discover a new world with ever-growing energy.For Telecom Industry,Shoto has a complete series of energy storage solutions, and provides solid green energy security.For Power Industry,we are becoming a core hub that creates future smart grid networks.For Transportation Industry,Shoto is supplying new, clean and high-efficiency power energy,and offers infinite assistance to social development,and makes green travel possible.In Recycling Industry, Shoto firstly constructs the recycling industry chains for lead acid battery,which makes energy to be recyclable and renewable,and reduces resource loss,and recovers healthy earth.

We pursue perfection,and create an enterprise with strong force for sustainable development;Shoto is the only “National Eco-friendly Enterprise” industry-wide, “National Key High-tech Industry Group”, one of “China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises” and one of “World Top 500 New Energy Enterprises”.

We bring together global experts in this industry, and cooperate with universities and institutes,and develop state-of-the-art energy storage systems with our customers worldwide.Through advanced energy development research center, academician work station, post-doctoral research station, national enterprise technical center and Nanjing Technological Development Research Institute, Shoto has undertaken some 100 research projects of the State 863 Program over the years, developing prospective world high-end new energy projects.

We make use of the Internet platform, big data and cloud storage to pursue perfect service to our customers.Taking up the largest market share among domestic mainstream telecom operators for years, Shoto has further acquired licensed access to dozens of European and American countries and sold products in some 127 countries and regions across the five continents.

To Store Big Love and Green Energy, Shoto has been practicing the idea of “new energy, recycling and high-tech”, focusing on the management of design and development, green procurement, system management, recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to Create Green Development Pattern for Industry and Green Lifestyle for Human, Store Green Power for Future!

Our values

SHOTO focus on green communications, smart grid, Transportation power, etc. SHOTO involved in lead resource recycling to better achieve the company forging “green business power” dream(green technology innovation, green manufacturing, green using, green recycling, green service). Annual Production Capacity:7.5million KVAH

Our R&D
The driving force of the development of Shoto is to study world’s most advanced concepts & technologies constantly and then enhance capability of independent innovation. Shoto persists in cooperating with outstanding research institutes. Furthermore, Shoto has established a number of R&D centers as follows:
(1)Development research center of advanced energy with Chinese Academy of Sciences.
(2)Academician workstation
(3)Post-Doctoral research workstation
(4)National enterprise technology center,this test center has passed the national inspection laboratory construction, and has the ability to undertake testing project from the third-party, like Telefonica,China Mobile,China Unicom,and China Telecom 

The Most Advanced Equipment in the Industry
(1)Continuous Plates Pasting System, imported from the U.S, which increases the producing efficiency to 500% while reducing the lead emission amount to 20%.
(2)Imported U.S High Speed Laminated Brush Machine which applied full automaticity technique of polishing, eliminated the lead dust and solved the most polluted problem during the whole producing.
(3)Imported Vacuum Acid Filler from Germany, which applied omniseal formation channel, no acid mist during the formation process.
(4)Imported formation line with automatic battery transferring and recognition system, which is the 1st in the field to accomplish the 2V AGM full-automatic producing process, and the producing efficiency increased by 40%.

Our Social Responsibility
Shoto is the only “China National Environmental Friendly Enterprise” in battery industry. The company has courage to take social responsibility. In response to the policy of “green low-carbon business” and the concept of “New energy, Cyclical, High-tech”, Shoto optimize its management on:
(1)Green procurement
(2)System management
(3)Recycling and energy saving

Our presence around the world