SOLO Swiss & BOREL Swiss

Who we are

SOLO Swiss manufactures advanced industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of metals, used in variety of heat treatment processes: carburizing, hardening, tempering, annealing, austempering, nitriding, brazing, carbonitriding, sintering, nitrocarburising, oxinitriding, quenching.

SOLO Swiss offers two types of furnaces:

1. Profitherm type batch furnaces. This unique, multifunctional arrangement of bell-type furnace and multiple quench tanks, allows a direct & rapid transfer of the load from the furnace(s) to the quench tank(s). The modular design enables easy expansions and allows all types of atmospheres and quench media.

2. Continuous furnaces. Featuring protective or treatment atmospheres with gas cooling or quenching in liquids.

All SOLO Swiss furnaces are equipped with alloy muffles to provide precision heat treatment and feature quick quenching.

SOLO Swiss furnaces are well suited for the treatment of the small complex metallic parts requiring an enhanced heat treatment and reduced distortion. Parts include: springs, clips, fasteners, coins, needles, hooks, ball bearings, parts for the aeronautics, cutlery, watch-making industry, micro mechanic, as well as, long parts for which the bell furnace is most suitable. In all these fields, SOLO Swiss Group’s customers have been amongst the most famous names in these industries for more than 40 years.

Founded in 1927, Borel Swiss is the leading manufacturer of electric furnaces, kilns and ovens for the metal, heat processing, heat treating, metal melting, ceramics, glass, porcelain, pottery markets. Borel propose a whole range of standard furnaces, accessories & spare parts. If you need a furnace specially tailor-made to your needs, Borel will be pleased to help you.

Borel is also a team of qualified technicians at your service, over 25'000 furnaces sold throughout the world since 1927, specialised workshops (refractory steel, heating, insulation), technical support in your language.

Borel Swiss is a division of SOLO Swiss Group -

Our values

Why choose Borel ?

Because we have been manufacturing industrial furnaces and ovens since 1927, which makes us one of the oldest manufacturers of furnaces in Europe, for the quality of our products used by more than 20,000 customers all over the world, and for the wide selection of furnaces, ovens and accessories that we offer.

Where are made our products ?

All the Borel furnaces are made in Switzerland or in Europe by our subcontractors with whom we have a partnership. All the Borel furnaces are subjected to a quality control and functioning tests in our workshops in Switzerland before shipment.
All the Borel furnaces are EC certified and some of them can be subjected to special certifications, type AMS, on request.
Borel Swiss is certified ISO 9001:2015 by SGS Switzerland and proposes on request and under very attractive guarantee extensions conditions until 5 years for all of its products.

Can we see the Borel furnaces before buying?

Welcome in our showroom in Porrentruy (Switzerland) where you can see more than 100 models of industrial furnaces and standard ovens on display. You have even the possibility to come and make tests with your parts by appointment.

Do you have resellers ?

We export our products all over the world directly from Switzerland and can therefore guarantee you a better price without intermediaries. Our products are guaranteed 1 year and repaired in our workshops. If the repair transport cost is too high, we send you directly the spare parts.

Is it possible to modify a furnace to adapt it to our specific needs?

Of course because we are a manufacturer and we have at our disposal all the materials and spare parts to modify a standard furnace. For example, we regularly make modifications at our customers’ request for:

- making a hole in a door or behind the furnace,
- changing the regulator or adding recorders,
- updating the security performances,
- injecting a protective or reaction gas inside the furnace,
- mounting an automatic door,
- adapting a load support,
- connecting the furnace to a supervision or ERP system,
- making a ceramic or refractory steel muffle customized.

Our experience showed us that it’s much more economic to modify an existing standard furnace rather than building a special furnace.