Who we are

TAWI provides complete solutions for lighter and safer lifting. This means that we deliver integrated solutions ranging from crane systems, vacuum lifters, hoists and lifting trolleys to installation and service. We develop and manufacture all our products by ourselves and we have a staff of skilled design engineers that work together with our installation engineers to design and manufacture customised products that meet specific customer requirements. TAWI customers can be found in small- and medium sized companies as well as within large international manufacturing industries.

TAWI is an established brand with long experience in the market. We have a broad range of standardised solutions and we also customise our products to fit the specific needs of our customers. We are aware of the fact that work environments are different, thus demanding different solutions. TAWI products are used successfully in various industries such as the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the wood industry and the automotive industry.

Our products are ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on backs, knees and shoulders and at the same time create a more safe and effective handling of goods. With TAWI products it is easy to lift, move, tilt and rotate loads in all kinds of environments. Improved ergonomics and increased efficiency also contribute to reduced costs for our clients.

All our products are developed and manufactured in Kungsbacka, Sweden. Today we are about 60 employees at the headquarters and production unit in Kungsbacka, Sweden. Our products are exported globally through our subsidiaries in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Denmark as well as through our distributors in some 50 countries. Our global network also ensures that we can deliver good service and broad knowledge about our products to customers around the world.

Our values

We strive to be the most trusted partner for lifting solutions, good for both businesses and people.

We exist to make lifting easy for everyone.

We behave trustoworthy, dynamic, professional, and progressive.