Who we are

Ultraaqua is a well-established manufacturer of high-quality UV disinfection systems for both municipal and industrial water treatment applications. Ultraaqua's design team employs dedicated engineers with research careers of the highest academic level and many years of experience in design and operation of water treatment facilities.

Our product range covers all typical applications such as disinfection of drinking water, waste water, industrial process water. We also manufacture systems for special applications such as photochemical oxidation of ultrapure water and de-chlorination of pool water.

The UV systems have passed various tests for validation and approval by among others Önorm, DVGW, AMS and IMO.

Few points that makes our UV-system design superior: 

* World leading UV manufacturer 

* Various performance certificates/approvals (Önorm, German DVGW, IMO, Norwegian Veterinary Institute)

* Guaranteed 16 000 hours lamp lifetime – Save up to 22% in operational costs

* Automatic operation – Optimized power consumption

* Optional advanced auto wiping system – Keeps quartz sleeves clean

* Non-corrosive, rigid polypropylene – Designed for very harsh environments

* Electropolished Stainless Steel 316L – Corrosion resistant 

* Easy lamp change – No tools needed for regular maintenance

* Two years guarantee from start-up

 * Support from experienced aquaculture engineers and scientists

Our values

Ultraaqua allocates many resources to research and development activities. We have close cooperation with several universities and R&D groups in different countries. These activities ensure that we can support our customers with cutting-edge knowledge and that we constantly gather information about our products from hands-on experiences in very diverse environments.

We have worldwide distributors, which are carefully selected among market leaders in order to guarantee qualified support, innovative solutions and reliability.