Vaculex AB

Who we are

World leading
Vaculex is a world leading manufacturerof lifting systems based on vacuum technology. Vaculex exports to some 35 countries around the world and is represented by both our own sales personal and by local distributors.

The company was founded in Gothenburg in 1986 and has its headquarters in Mölndal outside Gothenburg in Sweden. Vaculex also have offices located in Birmingham UK, Charlotte in North Carolina, USA and in Shanghai, China.

Unique knowledge
Vaculex develops, manufactures and markets lifting aids for loads up to 200 kg. The principle of lifting using a vacuum tube lifter is a Swedish invention which was introduced at the end of the 1970’s. Vaculex’s founder worked closely with the inventor for over 10 years on the development of vacuum lifting technology.

Our values

At Vaculex we have an explicit philosophy that penetrates every detail of what we do: we work to make your job easier – in many different ways.

We provide knowledge and experience
That is why we do not only develop, manufacture and market vacuum tube lifters. We also provide the knowledge and experience necessary for you to get the product that best suits your needs.

Ensure correct installations
We also ensure that it is properly installed and that you learn how to operate it correctly. And we make sure that you get skilled service and assistance in the event that you need it.

Make monotonous jobs easier
As our customer, you get a product that makes monotonous lifting jobs easier, that increases efficiency and reduces costs. We simply make your job easier.

Vacuum lifter solutions

Need to reduce injuries
Many industries today meet the need to reduce repetitive strain injuries caused by manual handling of goods. To some extent the problem can be solved by automation but in many industries the need for flexibility, both with regard to what is handled and how it is handled excludes that solution.

Automation usually also involves a general redesign of the complete handling system which can be a very costly and complex operation.

How do Vaculex lifter solutions help?
The vacuum lifter solutions developed by Vaculex drastically reduces the problems with repetitive strain injuries, whilst still being able to integrate it into the existing handling system –even if this is partly automated or fully manually operated.

The Vaculex vacuum lifter solutions allows a high work pace and is extremely flexible making it possible to handle a wide variety of different goods with one type of equipment. The installation of the equipment usually involves only minor modifications to the existing handling layout.

Vaculex has for several years worked closely together with a number of major logistics industries. This has developed our knowledge about what solutions are necessary to fulfill the industry needs.

For whom?
Vaculex has developed a series of complete solutions that are focused on solving certain handling situations at Airports, Parcel Carrier Terminals  and Distribution Centers. Each industry has some common specific needs which our solutions have sought to solve.