Vibrostop Srl

Who we are

Vibrostop: state-of-the-art vibration isolation, since 1936.

Vibrostop has been in the designing and manufacturing resilient mounts for nearly 8 decades. Over this time, we have grown an extensive patent portfolio of engineered solutions which can satisfy any customer’s request.

The production includes 3 big families of products: rubber mounts, spring mounts and cable mounts.

In the 40s Vibrostop entered the Defence field: during WW2 many units of the Italian Navy fasten their devices and machines with Vibrostop’s mounts.
In the 80s Vibrostop started to expand abroad, in particular in France, Great Britain Germany and overseas in the following years.

In 2013 Vibrostop obtained the Quality Certification according to standards ISO 9001 EN 9100: it is, in fact, the only company in Italy producing antivibration mounts with this kind of award.

Our values

Vibrostop is committed to implementing all measures necessary to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, meet their expectations and stated needs, and fulfil applicable regulatory requirements, while ensuring the company's profitability and competitiveness on the market.


- Attention focussed on customers, understanding and meeting their needs and expectations while ensuring the company's profitability, keeping commitments and acting transparently.

- Continuous Improvement: planning of activities, which must be carried out according to established procedures, preventing the causes of problems rather than correcting mistakes already made.

Vibrostop management therefore undertakes to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of the Company's Quality Management System as the main tool for monitoring processes, and therefore the company performance, and encourage every person in the company to promote ideas and initiatives aimed at achieving the corporate objectives to ensure the company's improvement.