Xiamen Loadcell Technology Co.,Ltd.

Who we are

Xiamen Loadcell Technology Co.,Ltd.(LCT),specializes in the developing and manufacturing of high accuracy load cells and strain gauges.We have world-class technical advisor,craft personnel in this field.Long-term exploring technical craft so that we provide the technology to be the leader with stable performance products.

LCT is committed to building a platform for employee growth, where employees act with great enthusiasm and conviction to provide customers with quality products and services.

LCT is devoted to creating high precision strain gauges and load cells, and is constantly challenging industry limits.

The future of intelligent sensing will be everywhere, and therefore LCT will sense the world and sense the future!

LCT look forward to your support, trust and advice.We’re wholeheartedly to service you!

Our values

In the load cell industry there has been years of fierce competition and most companies tend to merely work with in industry standards, but few companies set out to define new ones. LCT is an innovator, and has been for decades.

With thirty years of experience in manufacturing strain gauges and twenty-five years of load cell manufacturing experience, LCT has industry recognized advantages in miniaturized, small-scale, high-precision products.

LCT Microminiaturization

As there is an increasing demand for thin and light electronic products, LCT currently produces the industry’s smallest size 2*2 cubic millimeter triaxial stacked rosette. And our smallest sized load cell has achieved an astonishing diameter of just 9mm. To meet the future's pressing demand for miniaturization, LCT will continue innovating and always pushing the limits. (For example,Strain gauge CF120-05CB and Load cell LAU-C1)

LCT High Accuracy

Possessing a totally compatible LCT high-precision strain gauge, LCT load cells’ multiple technical indicators are able to attain their highest precision. Creep has always been a difficult aspect in the production of highly precise load cells, however through small adjustments of strain gauge creep, LCT has made delicate adjustments to compensate and offer extreme precision. 

LCT Customization

From the first meeting, LCT’s excellent research and development team will prepare your individual profile to ensure each product provided is as if it was tailored just for you.

Our presence around the world