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water washing machine / with water jet / solvent / automatic
water washing machine
Mod. 490

Industrial scroll washing machines: Mod. 490 Big-medium sized washing machine suitable for washing, dephosphatizing, rinsing and drying treatmentsfor fasteners and general small metal components. Heated by natural gas. Output: 2000 ...

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Caber Impianti
water washing line / cleaning
water washing line

The system is designed to clean wheelpairs hydroabrasively and to wash them after that with clean water. Principle of operation The wheelpair is placed by elevating mechanism into washing chamber and put on the elevating mechanism ...

solvent washing machine / water / automatic / process
solvent washing machine
PK 92-1 / PK 92-2

The Flexo Wash PK 92 Rotary Screen Wash is used for the cleaning of rotary screen cylinders from printing machines using UV-drying screen inks. The screens are placed on rotating holders and the specially designed jets on both sides ...

degreasing washing tunnel / spray / surface treatment / rinsing
degreasing washing tunnel

The Tunnel series, manufactured by Mecanolav®, is a surface treatment spray washing tunnel designed in a stainless steel material that has a combination of a one or more stages. It addition, it functions in a surrounding that is enclosed ...

overhead conveyor washing tunnel / degreasing
overhead conveyor washing tunnel


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ultrasonic washing machine / automatic / process
ultrasonic washing machine

Name:Automatic wash machines No: Info: Three automatic one-way access trough design, operation and flexible arrangements for venues. Product Description   1. Load high transmission and design activities lifts. 2. Directly by the former ...

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TST taiwan supercritical technology
spray washing tunnel / rinsing
spray washing tunnel
Lurea TEC 150

Application Tunnel washing machine Lurea TEC 150 (50-150 totes/hour) is designed to wash various types of containers, boxes, totes, crates and technological tools. It performs the following functions: Washing: The washing process is ...

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Kompo North America Inc.
thermal washing machine / automatic / for glass / spray
thermal washing machine
SteamScrubber series

SteamScrubber Glassware Washers are designed to wash and dry general purpose labware. They have stainless steel top and bottom racks that accommodate basket inserts for a wide variety of glassware shapes and sizes, primarily beakers and ...

spray washing tunnel / surface treatment
spray washing tunnel

Tunnel for final washing Thanks to the competences acquired in more than thirty years in the washing world, Dollmar Meccanica projects and produces tunnels for final washing. The pieces that have to be washed should be placed, in ...

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Dollmar Meccanica
liquid rinser-filler-capper / bottle
liquid rinser-filler-capper
max. 18 000 p/h | WF-18000

Filling machine Rinsing-Filling-Capping WF-18000 from Amtec is designed to fill up to 18000 bottles per hour. This machine incorporates a feeding system for empty bottles to the 40-head rotary rinser and a rotary filling station with ...

solvent washing machine / water / automatic / process
solvent washing machine
Robottina 2000 (Pneumatic)

The Robottina 2000 is considered as a very efficient device which is fully - equipped with an automatic unit feature meant to be used for cleaning turntables, conveyor belts and other related systems. It is made available in a motorized ...

washing tank / drinking water / stainless steel / horizontal
washing tank

LONGO technology applied to the vehicles for urban sanitation. Here is a very versatile vehicle that offers many services: stainless steel tank “Fiorettato” AISI 316L suitable for carrying drinking water, wet road, street washing, washing ...

storage tank / washing / heating / for food applications
storage tank
ST 1000 S

Capacity: 950 l

The TECNO 3 ST 1000S series tanks, as well as featuring flexibility, compactness and ease of operation, like all the systems of this series, can also undergo complete and effective sanitisation. The entire construction, inside and outside, ...

solvent washing machine / water / automatic / process
solvent washing machine
SW-L 8/6 / SW-K 8/6

The immersion cleaning will be done by an oscillating lifting and dipping of the pneumatic lift-dip-platform into the bath volume. Through this an effectively cleaning, strengthened by the clack valve system, will be done by the medium ...

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water washing line / automatic / for the recycling industry / by rotation/agitation
water washing line

This PET bottle washing and drying machine/PET sheet and drying line is a ideal PET washing line. This unit is mainly for PET (bottle) flakes: the labels and bottle caps are automatically separated, then after being washed, dewatered ...

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Suzhou Zhongsu Reprocessing Machiney Co.,Ltd.
water washing machine / automated / for industrial applications / by rotation/agitation
water washing machine

Product Description: Our special machines are designed to fit all requirements and capacities and avail themselves to high operating pressures to remove any kind of residues: Small-sized washers featuring simple but safe cleaning ...

water washing machine / automatic / for the recycling industry / spray
water washing machine
MTC series

The hot washing system used in plastic recycling lines is able to treat plastic materials (like washed PET flakes) contaminated with substances, very difficult to be removed, as glue, oil, etc. This batch system is very flexible, in fact ...

thermal washing machine / automatic / process / spray
thermal washing machine

A correct reconditioning process for surgical instruments can only be achieved through successive stages of washing, disinfecting and drying. To ensure the required standard of safety and efficiency, each step takes time, dedication ...

solvent washing machine / water / automatic / process
solvent washing machine
60 - 90 l/min | MSG series

The MSG series is a unit manufactured by Media Service Grulms. It is an immersion washing machine that have spray. The unit is intended for cleaning process that have suctioned from the cleaning pump. It has also an insert strainer that ...

solvent washing machine / water / automatic / process
solvent washing machine
12 - 48"

Giant Finishing continuous belt washers were developed to provide high volume, efficient cleaning and drying of parts with simple geometries. Parts can be loaded directly on to the belt or put into containers. This will clean and wash ...

automatic washing machine / rotary / high-speed
automatic washing machine

The Automatic High Speed Rotary External Ampoule Washing Machine Model NKEAW-250 is used to wash external surface of cylindrical container like Ampoule after the filling and sealing operation done. It is equipped with 4 stage of washing ...

washing machine for the food and beverage industry
washing machine for the food and beverage industry
Grain Washing, Hulling, and Separating Machine: Ladia DR

sand washing machine / water
sand washing machine
XSD series

XSD Sand Washer is commonly known as wheel-bucket type sand washer. It is developed and produced by SBM through adopting domestic and overseas advanced technologies and combining the actual situation of domestic aggregate industry. It ...

water washing line / dry / cleaning
water washing line

SHOWER WATER DAMPING STATION WP SYNERGY – 360° Systems supporting and completing the production process. Integration of different technological brands, managed and introduced in a Working Process project preserving the same quality, ...

tool washing machine / solvent / water / for the food industry
tool washing machine

Any modern food processing plant needs to be effective. That is why we designed the Smart Washer for the Smart Tool. The Smart Washer can clean two Smart Tool in one process in less than 5 minutes. With the Smart Washer you save ...