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optical sorting machine / automatic / for mineral material
optical sorting machine

FEATURES The MSort OPT can be used to sort any bulk materials that can be clearly classified based on their color, transparency, shape, or size. In fact, it guarantees that materials that are difficult to sort and have an extremely wide ...

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air separator / water
air separator

Flow rate: 0 m³/min - 54 m³/min

Racor Moisture / Ember Separators provide critical protection of fire suppression equipment by preventing flying embers and water from entering the engine air intake and damaging downstream air filters.

magnetic separator / particle / for grinding processes
magnetic separator

Automatic separation valve Automatic separation of unwanted product elements during grinding and portioning Can be used with all VEMAG grinders Production of high-quality products Increase production reliability Range of raw materials Flexible ...

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pusher sorter / automatic / printed circuit
pusher sorter

• Electrical pusher for PCB insertion into magazine • Electrical expeller for automatic PCB insertion in line • Extended SMEMA interface • Good/bad sorting

automatic sorting system / parts
automatic sorting system

The upgrade for the fully automatic sorting of parts - Increase the processing quality. Automated unloading of the completed cut parts enables safe and careful material handling on your ByTrans Cross - Increased level of automation ...

centrifugal separator / oil / for the food industry
centrifugal separator
AFPX series

Flow rate: 3,000 l/h - 40,000 l/h

AFPX separators are used in meat, fish and blood processing industries to purify and enhance recovery of valuable protein fractions, fats and oils. These robust and high performing separators are especially designed for extremely demanding ...

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Alfa Laval
3-phase separator / water
3-phase separator
P3TF series

Flow rate: 10 l/s - 800 l/s

Parker's Air preparation units feature low pressure loses for lesser operational costs along with the numerous port sizes for a provided flow rate that gives additional flexibility during installation. They are recommended for different ...

vibrating separator / for solids / for the food industry / circular
vibrating separator
Avalanche™ Flow-Thru

For maximum capacity in a round separator, choose the Sweco Avalanche/Flo-Thru. Designed to handle large volumes of both oversize and undersize fractions, the Avalanche/Flo-Thru provides up to 67% more active screen area than standard ...

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air separator / dry materials / fiber / for the recycling industry
air separator

The new generation of foreign part separators A complex task for our developers: „How is it possible to further improve the benchmark for foreign part separation?" The solution, which denotes an all-time high-end, is: "By adding new ...

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air separator / cyclone / flow / fiber
air separator
SGF series

The Air Grader separates the material in the vertical air flow over two sifting stages. Heavy and coarse material is discharged via screw conveyors and downstream arranged rotary valves. The accepted material is conveyed pneumatically ...

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green bean separator / drum / spiral / for bulk materials
green bean separator

The cluster cutter is used to de-cluster mechanically harvested green beans. The cluster cutter consists of a large drum which consists of plastic segments mounted in rings, between which eccentric steel plates are mounted in such ...

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Cabinplant A/S
drum separator / spiral / for injection molding machines / compact
drum separator

Primarily for injection moulding, these various devices are designed to separate sprues and runners from the component parts. Different parts can also be separated when using multi-component tools. Parts trials are available. Paddle ...

XRF sample preparation pellet press / hydraulic
XRF sample preparation pellet press

Up to 40 tons automatic lab press The Atlas™ Series Autotouch Automatic Hydraulic Press, is available in 8 Ton, 15 Ton, 25 Ton and 40 Ton load configurations. It is particularly popular with users conducting analysis through Fourier ...

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Specac Ltd
biomass briquetting machine / hydraulic
biomass briquetting machine
NMS Mobile 12

They are able to manufacture briquettes without the need for printing pallets. They only use concrete surfaces with a smooth surface. Our mobile designed walking briquette machines are designed in two different types, which press on the ...

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Noval machine
bale opener for the textile industry
bale opener for the textile industry

Wet fabric opening machine designed in order to opening feding and setting witdh adjustment of the tubular from fabrics which is made of cotton, synthetic and mixed fibers, after squeezing via centrifuge or opening as natural position. Standard ...

air classifier / particle / for the food industry
air classifier

VIBROSCREEN® Classifiers Sanitary Vibratory Classifier Separates into Three Fractions This Vibroscreen® Two-Deck Sanitary Classifier separates up to six tons per hour of bulk solid material into three fractions. Measuring 30 in. (762 ...

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optical sorting machine / automated / for wafers
optical sorting machine

Automated Die Sorting AutoPlace MP300: Automatic Die Handling, Ejectoring & Sorting System Fully automated pick and place Designed for automatic die sorting from wafer maps, including multi-project wafers (a.k.a. "pizza wafers") User-friendly ...

gravity separator / grit / classifier
gravity separator
RoSF 3

The COANDA Grit Classifier RoSF 3 is a grit separation and dewatering in one high quality and compact unit. This is made with stainless steel and is corrosion-resistant which ensures its durability. It has a high DS content in the grit ...

fiber classifier / laboratory
fiber classifier
LVI 900 series

The fact that raw material is by far the largest cost factor in the spinning mill should be reason enough to test incoming cotton bales – quickly, accurately and in reproducible form. For these reasons USTER® LVI Low-Volume Instruments ...

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gravity separator / condensate
gravity separator
QCS series

Flow rate: 100 ft³/min - 1,600 ft³/min

Quincy’s lighter, cleaner and easier to service QCS condensate purifiers replace the old gravity separators. The QCS removes all compressor fluids, including polyglycols. Several sizes are available to allow for single or multiple unit ...

air separator / oil / water / condensate
air separator

Flow rate: 2,100 l/min - 174,600 l/min

Atmospheric air contains already in its origin impurities like: dust, various forms of hydrocarbons and water in form of humidity, which once sucked by the compressor is compressed and delivered to the line together with eventual oily ...

centrifugal separator / water / bulk liquid / gas
centrifugal separator

Flow rate: 25 m³/h - 2,200 m³/h

Hertz Kompressoren is the brand of Dalgakıran Group , one of the leading air Compressor and equipments manufacturer in the world, to develop a truly international compressed air Sales & Service network. Today, Hertz Kompressoren has ...

magnetic separator
magnetic separator

A simple and fully automatically controlled process Featured with one or two TSV® dynamic classifiers and one variable speed ball mill or Horomill®, the whole process is entirely automated and controlled remotely, in order to operate ...

magnetic separator / metal
magnetic separator

The DM Series Drawer Magnets provide collection of ferrous metals with a rugged metal chamber which is typically match drilled and bolted directly to processing machine throat. Efficient Removal of Ferrous Metal Low Profile Design… ...

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Novatec, Inc.
completely automated pellet press / for XRF sample preparation
completely automated pellet press

The 31.8-ton Carver® Hydraulic Laboratory Pellet Press is developed by Horiba Scientific. It is mainly used for tedious pressing of sample pellets for XRF, IR, and other scientific methods. The unit is a fully programmable laboratory ...

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HORIBA Scientific