24V motors

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DC motor / hybrid stepper / 24V / bipolar
DC motor
106 Series

Torque: 0.014 Nm
Rotational speed: 8,000 rpm

... demand for smaller motors increase. However, oftentimes small enough motors simply don’t exist, and if they do, they do not provide enough torque or speed to be useful in the application. Often, the only ...

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Lin Engineering
DC motor / brushless / 24V / low-voltage
DC motor
CPM90 series

Power: 0 kW - 5 kW

... consist of a brushless motor and an integrated control unit with CAN communication. They exhibit a maximum efficiency for low voltage applications. Compact power BLDC overview - Efficiency of up to 90 % - Power ...

DC motor / stepper / 24V / 12V
DC motor
PT42 series

Torque: 0.4378, 0.5508 Nm
Rotational speed: 3,000 rpm

The PT42 combines the ElectroCraft TorquePowerTM Plus high-performance stepper motor with the advanced functionality of the Integrated PRO Series Drive. The motor can be driven in open-loop stepper mode ...

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DC motor / synchronous / 24V / 48V
DC motor
F series

Power: 62.4 W - 120 W
Rotational speed: 1,900 rpm - 5,400 rpm

High power, high efficiency DC blower fan motors developed for telecommunication equipment. These motors are used for the parts and components where a stronger airflow is required and ...

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direct current motor / synchronous / 24V
direct current motor
KM06, KM08, KM09

Power: 500, 800 W

The KM06-09 model is a three inch DC motor with a voltage rating that ranges from 12 V DC up to 24 V DC. It also has a power rating ...

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SPX Hydraulic Technologies
DC motor / stepper / 24V / 12V
DC motor
PM20L series

Torque: 0.01, 0.015 Nm
Power: 0 W

... provided to learn whether the size and electrical requirements are well suited to your project. You're sure to find the right motor for almost any application with NMB. To purchase PM20L-020, check the inventory currently ...

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Precision Motors Minebea GmbH (PMDM)
DC motor / brushless / 24V / coreless
DC motor
SBL04 series

Power: 0.004 W - 0.008 W

Since the development of the smallest coreless motor in 1973, Namiki has expanded our micro motor range to include high performance brushless motors in 1.5mm, 2mm, and 4mm sizes with ...

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Namiki Precison Jewel
AC motor / direct current / synchronous / 24V
AC motor
KM series

Power: 0.375 kW - 2.2 kW
Rotational speed: 2,850 rpm

KM series Product Type: AC Motors Continuous Duty 1PH 2 Pole AC Motors UL Recognized 3" - 4.5" 12/24 V 500/800 W

DC motor / stepper / 24V / with integrated driver and coder
DC motor
cool muscle series

Torque: 0.02 Nm - 0.87 Nm
Rotational speed: 0 rpm - 3,000 rpm

Reliance Precision Limited provides electric stepper motor, with integrated encoder and driver. It is offered in size 11, 17 and 23, long and short, and is also vailable in small quantities. The unit ...

DC motor / EC / 24V / compact
DC motor
12 - 24 VDC, 30 - 250 W

Power: 30 W - 250 W

The main features of EC motor range are: Magnetic field generated by permanent magnets Tubular construction, without fan Available in 4 sizes: diameter 42, 52, 65, 81 mm Low voltage power supply, 12 or ...

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DC motor / stepper / 24V / bipolar
DC motor
PAS, PBS series

Power: 8.5, 8 W

... Wire: 6 leads 24AWG (approx. 8.5 inches [215.9 mm]) Operation Ambient Temp: -10°C to +40°C (approx.) Shaft Bearing: Sleeve Bearing Note: Typical data subject to change without notification Addtional Information: PAS ...

DC motor / brushless / synchronous / 24V
DC motor
136 OEP series

Power: 19.5 kW - 41.5 kW

Permanent magnets brushless motors with high power-to-weight ratio With its highest power-to-weight ratio and torque constant, specially adapted to robots, mobile or borne applications with high power, the 136 ...

DC motor / brushless / 24V / permanent magnet
DC motor
BR22 series

Power: 3.8 W - 172 W

Transmotec brushless dc motors covers a large range of miniature sized motors to heavy duty models. The designs include both round and square shaped motor bodies. All ...

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Transmotec Sweden AB
DC motor / brushless / 24V
DC motor

Torque: 0.0625 Nm - 0.2 Nm
Power: 26 W - 84 W
Rotational speed: 4,000 rpm

... of your drive chain. These motors can be assembled with all the gearboxes of Parvalux range, with hollow or plain shaft, offering output torques from 1.5 to 250Nm and a wide choice of ratios. We also ...

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DC motor / stepper / 24V / 12V
DC motor

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A2V Mécatronique
DC motor / synchronous / 24V / IP66
DC motor

Power: 50 W - 900 W
Rotational speed: 1,500 rpm - 3,000 rpm

Elnor Motors offers 3 standard models: BAAP80S, BAAP80M and BAAP80L General Characteristcs: Atex approved Ex II 2 G Ex d IIB T4/T3 Gb Ambiant temperatures -40°C +60°C 1500rpm or 3000rpm B34 or B35 flange Connection ...

DC motor / AC / synchronous / 220 V
DC motor

Power: 5 W

... , high out-put torque, low noise, flexible rotating and long life of gear wheel decelerating box .All the component of the motors are designed and produced by our company; The length of extended cord, output axes and ...

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Ningbo New Guanlian Motor Electronic Co.,Ltd.
DC motor / brushless / 24V / 12V
DC motor
FRS Series

The FRS series of DC permanent magnet field motors are available in three can sizes, 3, 5 & 7 series, 12 or 24 volts and a variety of speeds. These efficient, high quality DC ...

direct current motor / synchronous / 24V / IP55
direct current motor

Power: 45 W - 1,500 W
Rotational speed: 2,000 rpm - 3,000 rpm

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DC motor / brushless / 24V / micro
DC motor

Torque: 0.008, 0.022 Nm
Power: 4, 7.7 W
Rotational speed: 4,800, 3,500 rpm

... . Brushless DC Motors: Electronically commutated 3-phase brushless motors (EC motors) are especially well suited for applications requiring smooth running characteristics ...

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Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
direct current motor / synchronous / 24V / 12V
direct current motor

Power: 40 W - 900 W
Rotational speed: 1,500 rpm - 3,000 rpm

... courant continu de fabrication standard est disponible en différentes puissances allant de 40w à 900w a 1500rpm / 3000rpm et 12v / 24v. Les corps des moteurs sont fabriqués en aluminium ...

DC motor / synchronous / 24V / 12V
DC motor
RS775 series

Torque: 0.0554, 0.0602 Nm
Power: 111.68, 52.21 W
Rotational speed: 9,010, 16,160 rpm

DC motor / AC / asynchronous / 24V
DC motor

Power: 0.25 kW - 400 kW
Rotational speed: 1,500, 3,000, 750, 1,000 rpm
Diameter: 14 mm - 100 mm

... marine, railway…), these products can be provided with approval certificates from all the main classification companies (B.V, D.N.V, L.R, etc).They can also be used in wet and aggressive environment for ...

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DC motor / AC / stepper / 24V
DC motor
119-1 series

Power: 2, 5, 3.5 W
Rotational speed: 300, 600 rpm

... -1 (1.9" diameter) permanent magnet step motor is available in 7.5 degree or 15 degree step angles and can be wound for bipolar or unipolar drives. Motors that are wound for bipolar drives can be ran ...

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Hansen Corporation
pancake type motor / DC / brushless / 24V
pancake type motor
SVTM 120BR series

Torque: 2.2 Nm - 6 Nm
Rotational speed: 250 rpm

Pancake motors are used in applications where the whole system needs to be as compact as possible. In the SVTM 120BR series the motor has been integrated directly into the housing provided by the customer. It ...