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AC/AC power supply
AC/AC power supply
BAE00 series

Power: 60 W - 480 W
Input voltage: 100 V - 240 V
Output voltage: 24 V

Our Heartbeat® power supply units ensure reliable and efficient power supply of sensors, actuators, controllers, and HMIs. They were developed especially for critical applications with high demands on quality, long service life, and diagnostic ...

AC/DC power supply
AC/DC power supply
UF series

Current: 15 A

UF-4000A UF-4000A provides targeted heating and precision temperature control for reflow soldering applications such as the connection of flexible circuits, ribbon cables, wires, SMT components, single or dual sided edge connectors and ...

AC/DC power supply
AC/DC power supply
MeanWell SDR-240-48

Power: 240 W
Input voltage: 115 V - 230 V
Output voltage: 48 V - 55 V

MeanWell SDR-240-48This DIN rail power supply is output adjustable from 48-55VDC, provides 240W of power with 94% efficiency.Part Number: 32123-1 Output adjustable from 48-55VDC Rated power 240 watts High efficiency 94% and low power ...

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Comtrol Corporation
AC/DC power supply
AC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 200 V - 240 V
Output voltage: 0 V - 230 V

CLEANSTREAM / SWITCHBACK Switchback Power Supply and Controller Fully integrated Switchback 6600 CE + Controller for Cleanstream, Terraview or Zephyr products When you need a fully integrated solution High efficiency (95%), 6.9 ...

DC/DC power supply
DC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 220 V
Output voltage: 5 V - 16 V

General information about power supply of devices of SENS Measurement System Power supply for devices of SENS Measurement System (sensors and secondary devices) is provided by DC sources. Standard power supply voltage (to minimize power ...