Combustion furnaces

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reheating furnace / car bottom / gas / for aeronautical applications
reheating furnace

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 1,350 °C

... TEMPERATURE: 1.350 °C BURNERS: - high velocity with central recuperator - high velocity - self recuperative - low NOx - high thermal efficiency - regenerative APPLICATION: energy, nuclear, oil & gas, aerospace and ...

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I.C.M.I. S.R.L.
heat treatment furnace / hardening / chamber / gas
heat treatment furnace
KM 500/14

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 1,400 °C

Furnaces for various applications Superb heat treatment results Low power consumption due to multilayer refractory lining with best insulation properties Proprietary burner systems with large perfor-mance range, specially ...

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ceradel industries
gas oven / curing / tunnel / horizontal
gas oven

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Laser S.r.l.
curing oven / chamber / combustion
curing oven
Euro FSC series

Maximum temperature: 250 °C

Series with indirect heat exchange air/fumes in combustion chamber Methane gas or LPG burner – Max. working temperature 250°C.

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drying furnace / tunnel / gas
drying furnace
Mod. 118/630

The furnace is located in one of Germany’s largest fastener manufacturers. 630 mm diameter scroll furnace with a production output of 800kgs per hour. Heating: gas.

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Caber Impianti
drying oven / heating / cabinet / electric
drying oven

Maximum temperature: 55 °C - 180 °C

... drying oven is the first choice. It heats up quickly and achieves a strong heating power. Lower energy costs and higher efficiency are the benefits for the customer. APPROVED SAFETY The safety devices and the execution ...

heating oven / soldering / conveyor / gas
heating oven

Maximum temperature: 400 °C

Higher throughput SMT reflow oven with 20" (508mm) wide conveyor for production runs. The 2000HT hot-air reflow system utilizes our patented Horizontal Convection Heating technology with digital temperature controls ...

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APS Novastar
hardening furnace / car bottom / gas / continuous
hardening furnace

Gas-fired Furnace Systems Technical features:Furnaces for various applicationsSuperb heat treatment resultsLow power consumption due to multilayer refractory lining with best insulation propertiesProprietary ...

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ThermConcept Dr. Fischer
drying oven / chamber / gas / vacuum
drying oven
0.6 cu.ft, +10 °C ... +220 °C | SVAC1

SHEL LAB vacuum ovens provide exceptional capabilities for fast and gentle drying of heat sensitive materials. They prevent residue accumulation on products and also allow safe drying of flammable solvents. All SHEL ...

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heat treatment oven / chamber / gas / vacuum
heat treatment oven
+40 °C ... +200 °C | VAC series

These units has been exclusively designed for vacuum heat treatment such as defoaming, deaerating, hardening or drying, essential processes in the production of electronic components.

melting furnace / pit / gas / for metallurgy
melting furnace

... or sintering - Offers high flexibility for iron feedstocks and coal grades - Uses heat recovered from the furnace and off-gas to produce steam for electric power generation (with approximately 60 MW surplus ...

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tempering oven / electric / gas
tempering oven

... optimum thermal treatment but also on the requirements of batch handling. In many processes, charging a furnace from the top is the most efficient solution. Chests for solvent evaporation, electrically ...

heat treatment furnace / annealing / tempering / blank quenching
heat treatment furnace
Four à double bandes

A FURNACE WITH TWO MESH CONVEYOR BELTS The oven is fully equipped 2 x 7.8 kW Delivery time: immediately Price upon request

preheating furnace / chamber / combustion / laboratory
preheating furnace

Maximum temperature: 1,150 °C

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curing furnace / conveyor / combustion
curing furnace

Maximum temperature: 177 °C

... conveyor ovens are the most cost-effective solution for ovens with smaller workspaces. They’re also a good choice for curing applications that don’t allow contamination from products of combustion ...

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heat treatment furnace / chamber / gas / for aeronautical applications
heat treatment furnace

Maximum temperature: 200 °F - 1,200 °F

HIGH CONVECTION BOX OVENS Nutec Bickley provides Heavy Duty Box Ovens line in custom designs for the following process applications up to1200°F Aging of aluminum parts Tempering of steel parts ...

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Nutec Bickley
heat treatment furnace / car bottom / gas
heat treatment furnace

... products of combustion in the air stream, then a direct gas fired furnace is the most economic choice. If no products of combustion are allowed in the air stream, then an indirect fuel ...

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Keith company
curing oven / powder coating / hook / gas
curing oven
From 1m -12m

Curing Oven and Dryer of KIGO O.E. consist of an extensive range They are suitable for manual or automatic movement of the the products. The thermo block integrated with oil burner, gas burner or electric ...

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quenching furnace / rotary retort / gas / vacuum
quenching furnace

Technology with universal application possibilities The dual chamber vacuum furnace type ALD DualTherm® offers high flexibility and is mainly used in the production of single parts and small batches in the automobile ...

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calcination furnace / bell / combustion / rotating
calcination furnace

... a cement kiln, a metallurgy chemical kiln, and a line kiln depending on the diverse elements that needs to be processed. The cement kiln is often used to calcine cement clinker. The rotary kiln ...

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Shanghai Joyal Machinery Co., Ltd.
heating oven / truck-in / gas
heating oven

Sahara Industrial Batch Ovens offer a range of sizes and heating arrangements to meet a variety of batch heating applications. Challenge us with your toughest oven applications! Benko Products is not ...

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chamber furnace / gas / air circulating / laboratory
chamber furnace
+10 °C ... +1 000 °C | J-FM series

Maximum temperature: 10 °C - 1,000 °C

● With heating elements at four sides of inner wall, heating is instantly achieved at uniform level. ● Heating elements is installed in the walls, which prevents generation of corrosive gas and contacts with water vapor, to ensure longer ...

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JISICO Co., Ltd.
calcination furnace / tunnel / gas / CO2
calcination furnace

The FERCALX VERTICAL LIME KILN *Three Way Pressure System* is today economically and technically wise - the most updated solution available in the market as far as the limestone calcination process is concerned. Single ...

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heating oven / chamber / gas / vacuum
heating oven
+40 °C ... +200 °C | VAC-P series

Double layered interior construction for great temperature uniformity A double-layer construction with heater in between offers improved temperature uniformity, reduced heat loss and reduced heat-up time. Variety of options for greater ...

sintering furnace / chamber / combustion
sintering furnace

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 1,650 °C

High-Temperature Sinter Furnace Compact. Despite reduced space requirements sufficient volume for a sinter bowl of 100 mm diameter. Has all functions for sintering with standard sinter programs. Advantages: For ...