stainless steel hinge / corner / 180° / door
stainless steel hinge
C6, G6 series

Length: 58.5 mm
Width: 53 mm
Thickness: 18.1 mm

... detent hinges that can provide a full 180° range of motion. Although this range of motion is found in all of the models, these series offer different styles that suit varying needs. Available styles in these series include ...

aluminum hinge / corner / screw-in / 180°
aluminum hinge
7.22 series

Length: 30, 48 mm
Thickness: 4, 6 mm

The hinge is for doors which can be positioned particularly accurately with the centring bolts and attached easily. The material is alumimum with anodized surface.

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Modular Assembly Technology
stainless steel hinge / corner / screw-in / 180°
stainless steel hinge

... is a 2D screw-on hinge Pr01 unit that is suitable for nested doors. This device is composed of a teeth placed on the adjusted bushing and on the holes with an oblong shape. Additionally, the teeth helps avoid the slipping ...

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corner hinge / screw-in / with safety lock / dead length
corner hinge

Length: 56 mm
Width: 54 mm
Thickness: 10.5 mm

... (with an angle of 85° or 175°) or securely closing them. Material hinge and screw caps in polyamide reinforced with glass fibre, pin in stainless steel. Characteristics: hinge with position stop ...

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plastic hinge / corner / screw-in / 180°
plastic hinge
02 HI

Length: 30, 54 mm
Width: 35, 44 mm

Model 02 HI - Plastic Hinge: Material: High impact resistant thermoplastic Colour: Black. Other RAL colours available (MOQs apply). Thread Material: Brass

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stainless steel hinge / PA / corner / screw-in
stainless steel hinge

Length: 47, 35 mm
Width: 25 mm
Thickness: 4 mm

Our symmetric hinge with 2 flat holes is reinforced. These hinges are used in various sectors: machinery protection doors, joining metal profiles, carpentry, furniture, etc… They have been designed to ...

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stainless steel hinge / corner / 180° / door
stainless steel hinge
C6 / G6 series

C6 / G6 - Detent Hinges Southco’s Detent Hinge series offer multiple design advantages for door positioning applications, including multiple detents, corrosion-resistant construction and a clean, streamlined ...

stainless steel hinge / corner / screw-in / 270°
stainless steel hinge

Length: 40 mm
Width: 40 mm
Thickness: 9 mm

The Leaf Hinge by Mesan is generally used for plain / flush mounted doors. For this kind of hinge, it has a maximum rotation of about 270°. Also, its hinge pin is made of AISI 304 stainless ...

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Mesan Locks
polyamide pin hinge / concealed / corner / weld-on
polyamide pin hinge

Adjustable concealed hinge for weld-on mounting. Universal left and right mounting. Opening angle 100º. Door part adjustable 10 mm horizontally. Frame part shaped as a square pin. MATERIAL: Door-part, Z-shaped: Steel, ...

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zinc hinge / corner / screw-in / 180°
zinc hinge

Length: 60, 50, 40 mm
Width: 60, 50, 40 mm
Thickness: 8, 6, 5 mm

Material: Zinc Alloy S.Tr:Bright chrome plated

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TAISAM Corporation
die-cast zinc hinge / corner / screw-in / 95°
die-cast zinc hinge
4480 Series

Classic, sturdy hinge for high demands For refrigerated furnishings, underbars and more To be used for left- and right-hinged doors Available for varying door offset dimensions Door weight capacity of max. 25 kg (2 hinges) Chromium-plated Material: ...

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stainless steel hinge / corner / screw-in / door
stainless steel hinge
164, 160

Length: 160, 175 mm
Width: 40, 50 mm

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Estampaciones EBRO, S.L.
plastic hinge / corner / screw-in / 180°
plastic hinge

Hinge that cannot be unhinged for Profile Range 8 30 for the construction of small doors and movable attachments. Can be used in both left-side and right-side openings. The groove threads can, if necessary, be broken off.

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Alváris Profile Systems GmbH
stainless steel hinge / mild steel / corner / screw-in
stainless steel hinge

Length: 76 mm
Width: 50 mm
Thickness: 2 mm

76mm X 50mm X 2mm Butt Hinge Mild Steel Zinc Plate Passivate (Silver Blue) Hinge with countersunk holes .

stainless steel hinge / corner / screw-in / 160°
stainless steel hinge

stainless steel, rolled, with riveted stainless steel pin, with countersunk screw holes sizes: 160X37 mm 70X40 mm

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nylon hinge / corner / screw-in / 180°
nylon hinge

Hinge with clamping lever System hinge 40 with Cover CapsSystem hinge 40 with Cover CapsSystem hinge 40 with Cover Caps Describtion: to hinge panels ...