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cycle counter / digital
cycle counter
A57xx series

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energy counter / electronic
energy counter

... both energy saving and power surveillance in factory automation environments. Products include Watt-Hour Meters, Power-On Counters, Power-On Hour Meter, Air Flow Meters, Communication Devices and Data Collection Units.

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Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America
cell counter / manual
cell counter

... but disposable slide consumables can be expensive. Finally, there is a solution. The new Corning® Cell Counter is the first automated cell counter that combines the best of both worlds. It is: Fast ...

heat counter / positive displacement / digital / ultrasonic
heat counter
GE552 series

revolution counter / analog / mechanical
revolution counter

... burnished steel bushing with 20ø H7 hole; burnished steel adapter. Standard pack: 1 piece. State of supply revolution counter complete with M5 threaded grub screw to lock the adapter; adapter complete with M4 threaded ...

colony counter / digital
colony counter
Galaxy 330

Ideal for: • total bacteria counting • total coliform counting Features: • 4 displays showing present count and three previous counts • possibility of average value • storage for up to 100 counts • subtraction function • suitable ...

colony counter / electronic / automatic / for samples
colony counter
LKB 2002

The LKB 2002 colony counter can automatically compensate the weight of various Petri-plates. It comes with adapters for plates of less than ⌀ 120mm diameter. The colony counter features a shock-resistant ...

positive displacement counter / digital / electronic / water
positive displacement counter

The mixer Watermix, is an electronic device used to meter and mix, automatically, hot and cold water.

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hour counter / digital / electronic / stainless steel
hour counter

ISO 9001 Certified, OEM Available Electrical Round Hour Meter (Hour Counter) Size: 52mm Digits: 99999.9 Material of bezel: Stainless steel (could be black plated if preferable) Grade: IP65 Voltage: ...

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Seasons Gauge Co., Ltd
particle counter / digital / electronic / for liquids
particle counter

Patrick the particle counter Patrick is an optical particle monitor working according to the light-extinction principle. It can be used to monitor the impurity level and the purity trend of liquids very accurately. The ...

scintillation counter / digital / liquid scintillation (LSC) / automatic
scintillation counter
DPM 7001

The DPM 7001 is a mobile liquid scintillation counter equipped with two photomultipliers, giving it a high counting efficiency and low background noise. It is specially designed for the counting of tritium and carbone-14. The ...

screw counter / digital / electronic / compact
screw counter

Prevent human errors during screw tightening work.* Connected between the electric screwdriver VE series and the power source, to notify tightening completion, insufficient tightening and wrong screws by alarm sound and light.* Convenient ...

hour counter / digital / electronic / panel-mount
hour counter

The AHC3L Digital Hour Meter is suitable recording time for mechanical equipment.Unit have a variety of time ranges to choose. Description: - LCD display - Installall type: Front panel installation - DIN 48X24mm MINI ...

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Wenzhou ALION electronics Co.,Ltd
scintillation counter / digital / automatic
scintillation counter

... volume scintillation counter for ultra low level measurement of beta isotopes. It can be used with either 20ml, 100ml or 145ml scintillation vials. The background level is much lower than with any other scintillation ...

lightning surge counter / electronic
lightning surge counter
LEC series

Lightning event counter is used for testing the lightning event in a certain area. LEC-A: Counting accurately Sensitive response Stable capability, stronglyanti-jamming. ...