liquid pressure switch / differential / with digital display
liquid pressure switch

The electronic differential pressure switches that are part of this product series are all controlled by microprocessors, whose differential pressure level ranges between 0 and 20 bar. ...

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Honeywell Environmental & Combustion Controls EMEA
diaphragm pressure switch / differential / industrial / for pneumatic applications
diaphragm pressure switch
700 series

Pressure range: -1 bar - 600 bar

The Series 700 Pressure and Differential Pressure switches offer accurate, reliable switching in a robust cast enclosure. y RANGES FROM 16 BAR TO 600 BAR y HIGH OVERLOAD RATINGS y ...

differential pressure switch / electronic / for hydraulic applications / stainless steel
differential pressure switch

Process temperature: -40 °C - 105 °C
Pressure range: 0 Pa - 60,000,000 Pa

... electronic pressure switch has two setting potentiometers--one for pressure point adjustment and switch(ON pressure setting) and another for differential ...

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Micro Sensor Co.,Ltd
water pressure switch / differential
water pressure switch

Operation Complete kit to monitor air filter, system pressure and fan operation. Suitable for BMS applications (24 V DC/0,1 A) thanks to the gold-plated connection contacts. Once the unit has been connected conventionally ...

liquid pressure switch / differential
liquid pressure switch
604 series

Process temperature: -30 °C - 70 °C
Pressure range: 75 mbar

Used as DP flow switch in ventilation ducts for the control of filters and fans, and in primary and secondary control systems for the control of dampers. Precise setpoint adjustment is done through individual scale and ...

gas pressure switch / mechanical / differential / OEM
gas pressure switch

Process temperature: -30 °C - 110 °C
Pressure range: 20 Pa - 400 Pa

Type 605 pressure switches are specially developed for use in gas fired heating systems. There are more than 20 million pressure switches in use worldwide. Produced on a fully automated production line. ...

air pressure switch / differential / electronic / OEM
air pressure switch

Process temperature: -10 °C - 50 °C
Pressure range: 2,500, 500 Pa

The DPI is an electronic differential pressure transmitter with up to two relay outputs. The differential pressure indicator is used for measuring and indicating low pressures ...

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differential pressure switch / increased safety
differential pressure switch

Process temperature: -10 °C - 70 °C
Pressure range: 200 mbar - 6,000 mbar

... plants acc. to VdTUV data sheet flow 100. The flow-operation safety devices consist of a differential pressure device, e.g. an orifice plate, differential pressure switch ...

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Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik
liquid pressure switch / for gas / differential / adjustable
liquid pressure switch

Process temperature: 120 °C
Pressure range: 0 bar - 10 bar

Body material Metal Connection Female 1/4" Protection IP40 Scale 0/10 BAR

air pressure switch / differential / adjustable / IP65
air pressure switch

... work with compressed air, non-corrosive gases or liquids. The overpressure can be checked in the chart. It has a switch contact of SPDT switch with silver contact and optional gold contact. The contact ...

gas pressure switch / for liquids / for steam / differential
gas pressure switch

Process temperature: -10 °C - 70 °C
Pressure range: 0.06 bar - 0.6 bar

... monitoring of differential pressure according to needs and with no auxiliary energy Features For monitoring the differential pressure in liquids, gases and vapours For use in, for example, ...

differential pressure switch / compact / stainless steel / explosion-proof
differential pressure switch
12 series

Process temperature: -90 °C - 343 °C
Pressure range: 0.1 bar - 861.9 bar

... has a 72” lead-wire with strain relief provided. The adjustable set-point pressure ranges from 1 to 12,500 psi or 0.1 to 861.9 bar and the differential pressure is 0.7 “wcd to 150 psid ...

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United Electric Controls
gas pressure switch / differential
gas pressure switch

Process temperature: -30 °C - 80 °C
Pressure range: 20 Pa - 5,000 Pa

The differential pressure switch DW/H is for monitoring of noncombustible and non-aggressive gas. The switching point can be set by a thumb wheel with target value scale without manometer. The differential ...

oil pressure switch / differential / for hydraulic applications
oil pressure switch
20580 series

Pressure range: 250 psi - 3,500 psi

The MICO pressure switches are designed specifically for use in hydraulic applications to monitor hydraulic pressure and either open or close an electrical contact at a predetermined pressure.

air pressure switch / differential
air pressure switch
CPS 330

Process temperature: -15 °C - 80 °C
Pressure range: 20 Pa - 330 Pa

The CPS 330, manufactured by Produal, is a differential pressure switch with a range of 20 up to 330 Pa. Its housing has a protection degree of IP 54 and an accuracy of +/- 15 % from the set value.

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Produal Oy
air pressure switch / differential / for boilers / adjustable
air pressure switch

Process temperature: -20 °C - 85 °C
Pressure range: 0 psi - 1.4 psi

The Over-Pressure Switch offers superior over-pressure draft protection for your boilers and over-draft control system. This adjustable, differential-pressure ...

water pressure switch / bellows / piston / diaphragm
water pressure switch
PSM230 series

Process temperature: -40 °C - 150 °C
Pressure range: -90 Pa - 3,500,000 Pa


diaphragm pressure switch / differential / OEM / adjustable
diaphragm pressure switch

Process temperature: 4 °C - 65 °C
Pressure range: 0.25 mbar - 1,370 mbar

The HPS-500-G Miniature Pressure Switch is a single pole, single throw, normally open pressure switch. Pressure, vacuum and differential ...

differential pressure switch / IP54
differential pressure switch
PR series

Process temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C
Pressure range: 30 Pa - 4,500 Pa

Housing in ABS, cover in PC, IP54. Operation temperature: -20C +60C. Max. pressure: 50kPa. Supply voltage: 20 28VDC.

air pressure switch / diaphragm / differential / for the petrochemical industry
air pressure switch

Process temperature: -30 °C - 150 °C
Pressure range: 0 bar - 16 bar

The TETROSWITCH differential pressure switches series DP for low and high static pressure are suitable for use with chemical, petrochemical, machinery, food, pharmaceutical or onshore and offshore applications. Product ...

electronic pressure switch / differential / high-accuracy / with digital display
electronic pressure switch
800 Smartstat series

Process temperature: -40 °C - 400 °C
Pressure range: -1 bar - 1,000 bar

... Smartstat is a microprocessor controlled switch, transmitter and indicator, which enables several instruments to be replaced with a single device. Smartstats are available for the measurement of pressure ...

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British Rototherm Co. Ltd
differential pressure switch / for gas / for air / industrial
differential pressure switch

Process temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C
Pressure range: 30 Pa - 50,000 Pa

Adjustable differential pressure switch with mounting accessories for air and other non-flammable and non-aggressive gases for monitoring of air filters in ventilation and differential ...

differential pressure switch / industrial / adjustable
differential pressure switch

Pressure range: -0.2 bar - 28 bar

KPI pressure switches are used in control, monitoring and alarm systems in industrial equipment. The KP series is suitable for liquid and gaseous media. They are equipped with a single-pole two-way contact ...

differential pressure switch / piston / for hydraulic applications / low-pressure
differential pressure switch
KZ2 Series

Process temperature: -20 °C - 80 °C
Pressure range: 1.5 bar - 200 bar

“KZ2” piston type differential pressure switches allow a micro-switch actuation upon reaching of a value between two pressures. The switch point is reached by sliding ...

differential pressure switch / miniature
differential pressure switch

Process temperature: -40 °C - 149 °C
Pressure range: 2 psi - 2,000 psi

... miniature tamper proof switch, extremely light weight and durable construction. Has efficient Nega-Rate® Belleville disc spring sensing mechanism. Small size improves vibration and shock resistance. Deadband (Differential): ...

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